Youth programs

The goal of the program is to prepare youth leaving incarceration to become law-abiding, successful members of the community while addressing the special needs of LGBTQ youth.

Youth take-on increasingly responsible roles in our urban and suburban farms, help manage our farmers markets, and lead community workshops around food system change and social justice. Our guests will enjoy a delicious Pacific Northwest, four-course dinner, selected wine pourings from ArborBrook Vineyards and live jazz.

Participants in the Root Crew put their knowledge into action by partnering with staff and community members to engage in hands-on projects that further the mission of The Food Project.

List of youth organizations

We follow a recruiting strategy designed to bring together a diverse group of youth and adults in order to cultivate mutual understanding across geographic, socio-economic, and racial boundaries. We spoke to the Rivera House Program Director, Deven Edgerton to share his thoughts about the program on this one-year anniversary.

Dirt Crew participants spend Saturdays and weekend afternoons expanding on the knowledge of sustainable agriculture and food justice that they acquired during Seed Crew.

Through these approaches to youth development, teenagers have opportunities for deep and sustained learning. With the help of our partners from the Oregon Youth Authority OYA and the countless hours staff dedicated to purchasing and updating a residence, the Rivera House was born.

As they move through Seed Crew, Dirt Crew, and Root Crew, youth are given more responsibility and are presented with greater challenges.

All youth are paid for their work; earning a paycheck instills in them a sense of responsibility while providing an economic support and incentive.

Office of Youth Engagement

Our youth are not simply enrolled in an enrichment program; they work hard, learn important lessons, and have fun together. Emilion region and Chianti and Barolo from Italy! Jul 26, Enter Our Wine Drawing! Dirt Crew Dirt Crew takes place during the academic year with young people who have completed Seed Crew.

Youth Programs

Alumni are encouraged to stay connected to us. Today, the Rivera House is fully staffed and houses up to nine residents who are transitioning from the custody of OYA to independence. This page explains how they can stay involved.

Take this opportunity to win over 50 bottles of great wine from all over the world! As they grow, they take on leadership roles that prepare them to become the next generation of leaders in the food movement—or any other field they choose to pursue.

We change the trajectory of the lives of Chicago's underserved youth

Teenagers from Greater Boston and the North Shore of eastern Massachusetts cultivate our urban and suburban farmland, participate in workshops, work with local hunger relief organizations, lead volunteers in the fields, and work to expand community food access.

Stock up your wine collection while supporting Janus Youth Programs! Thank you to all of our supporters who purchased tickets.Middle School Programs. We have a wide array of workshops in multiple disciplines for students entering the sixth grade in September Our workshops are designed to stimulate the imaginations and creativity of teens and pre-teens.

Disney Youth Education Programs offer a unique learning experience inside Disney Theme Parks. Students gain access to Disney knowledge and park operations. Improving the health and life opportunities of at-risk youth. "The National Alliance for Youth Sports, through their support of research on the issues of youth sports and the creation of programs such as the NAYS Coach Training, has given us a cornerstone onto which we build our program.

We offer a variety of pre-college activities through the Workforce Development and Community Education Division. Our staff members provide education, enrichment, mentoring, and motivation to youth through a variety of educational and fun programs and camps.

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We continually develop and deliver exceptional programs designed to. We provide a variety of volunteer opportunities for those ages five to You can help us build a better world by joining our Youth Programs today.

Youth programs
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