World war 1 could have been avoided

This demonstrates, therefore, a possibility of how World War I could have been prevented. Thus it was not a matter of whether war would erupt but when and to what extent the conflicting nations would go to.

The war that could have been prevented

Both views are discussed at length, giving emphasis on the aspects of the relations between the nations and empires that ultimately led to the war. Probably not, the Soviet Union would have had to let Eastern European countries, such as Poland, to have free, democratic governments, and they would not.

Proponents advocating that the War could have been avoided cite the fact that failed leadership of the participating nations was to blame for the eruption of a full war.

Introduction Historical Background World War I was one of the most prodigious events that characterized the early years of the twentieth century. Germany was unrelenting in its military exploits, a further testimony of the confidence it had in its allies.

With that kind of man in control - I do not believe that he would have been stopped. But, unfortunately, because they were insulted and were extremely enraged, they really were looking to anyone who would break the Treaty and said they would have brought fame and glory back to Germany. German Growth While Germany lagged behind in colonies, its incredible growth at home scared France and Britain.

Imperialism Wikimedia Commons Technological progress during the Renaissance and Enlightenment gave Europeans a big advantage over less advanced societies, enabling conquest and colonization around the world. Many people died and suffered due to this war. After initial negotiations failed over the next few weeks, Russia moved in by overtly declaring war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as its ally, Germany.

War could have been avoided in By it had conquered Greece and Yugoslavia. From the moment Hitler came to power, he made no attempt to conceal his metaphysical hatred for the Jews and his intention to wipe them out.

Patton obviously had no problem with taking action. They should have let them have their freedom and left them alone. Imperialism demonstrated by endless competition for the expanding markets was bound to lead to wars of a large magnitude. Theoretical Approach There are many contrasting views as to whether the First World War could have been avoided altogether.

Could the Vietnam War have been avoided?

14 Reasons WWI Happened (And Four Things That Could Have Stopped It)

Conclusion Factors that would have helped in preventing the First World War are few. This led to a state whereby the political atmosphere became entangled with economic systems.

The European nations had accustomed themselves to endless alliances that were binding to either side of the rift between the countries. The South needed cheap labor without pay for their economy,and the slaves were the solution to their needs.

Thus the result of this agreement was that due to the threat of Germany and Austria-Hungary on Serbia, Russia, France and Great Britain got directly involved. When one member of the Triple Alliance declared war on one member of the Triple Entente, it started a chain reaction where members of each alliance declared war on each other.

Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In World War 1 The entire war could have been avoided if the House of Hapsburg and dignitaries and aristocrats would have treated the Serbian people fairly and kindly. The rows in diplomatic relations that the European nations had experienced prior to the assassination were becoming more and more prevalent and it took a small spark to ignite the fire that was in the form of a full out war.

Among this was the poor leadership that was demonstrated especially immediately after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Germany also had the best rail network in Europe, enabling more mobility and growth.Humanity could have been spared the terrible suffering and trauma of the war.

Was US entrance into World War 1 avoidable or inevitable?

From the beginning it was clear that Hitler’s goal was to conquer the world. After the Allies defeated Germany in WWI 20 years earlier, they dictated the conditions of Germany’s surrender and.

1. The Revolutionary War could've been avoided; j ust remain a colony no loss, no gain. 2.

The War of could've been avoided; just keep haggling along with the British. 3. The Mexican War could've been avoided; purchase Mexican lands over the years. 4. The Civil War could've been avoided; let them have their own country (CSA).

Could World War I have been avoided?

5. This could have been avoided because, Gavrilo Princip simply could have missed the shot, which would have stopped the happening of WW1 - Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Archduke on June 28, -The Main cause of the First World War. I think that World War 1 couldn't have been avoided, but it could have been a lot less disastrous and long.

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If Austria-Hungary acted earlier, then the other nations of Europe wouldn't have enough reason to try to stop them because, well, their heir had been killed. Feb 11,  · A world war could've been avoided if Germany (an Austro-Hungarian supporter) decided to just support their ally instead of deciding to declare war on Russia (a Serbia supporter) and Russia's ally, Resolved.

There are many contrasting views as to whether the First World War could have been avoided altogether. Proponents advocating that the War could have been avoided cite the fact that failed leadership of the participating nations was to blame for the eruption of a full war.

World war 1 could have been avoided
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