Woolworths quality assurance standards

Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard

Vendors supplying Woolies with Woolworths-branded foods must maintain certification to the WQA Standard, with two audits each year to keep them in check.

Woolies has WQA Standards for many areas, including, fresh produce, manufactured foods, eggs, livestock and seafood including marine caught.

How you can learn from Woolworths’ QA for manufactured foods — Part 1

Our range includes check weighers especially designed for: On top of this, vendors should keep up-to-date Quality System records and all relevant production records related to the process.

Your traceability system should be audited at least once a year, across the groups of products you produce or handle, and the traceability exercise should be able to be Woolworths quality assurance standards within 4 hours. Traceability Traceability is critical for Woolworths.

Woolies has managed its own Quality Assurance Standard since All products to be traceable through information on both the retail sale unit and the shipper packaging.

This is covered in more detail in Part 2 of this blog — under Coding and Labelling. In most cases the equipment will be situated in-line so it can screen the finished packed product. Inspection At a minimum, all Woolworths-branded products must be subject to metal detection.

The certification is site and product specific which Woolies will nominate.

Woolworths QA (WQA) Version 8

You can also read more about product identification and our solutions on our website. You should keep any data and reports captured from electronic on-line check weighing systems, and they should be easily retrievable.

Woolworths Supplier Excellence (WSE)

If you need help or support with your product identification and inspection, contact us or call us on CODING Vision inspection systems can also be used on part-processed products to improve contamination protection, but may not always be necessary.

Indeed, their product ID requirementsfor instance, are an example of best practice across the industry. Work with the experts Matthews are the product identification and inspection experts.

Food Safety-HACCP

This means each individual raw material and its supplier should be identifiable. Checking The WQA has strict protocols to ensure product quality and weight are maintained.

All raw material including packaging to be forward traceable through all stages of the process — right through to its use in a product. All finished products to be traceable through the product distribution chain until delivered to a Woolworths Ltd store or distribution centre.

All work-in-progress material to be traceable forwards and backwards. All finished product including packaging to be backwards traceable through all stages of the process, through to all raw materials and inputs used.Woolworths works closely with growers and suppliers to ensure that all fresh food supplied to Woolworths meets specific and rigorous quality assurance standards.

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version, the standard continues to be benchmarked against global standards, such that it continues Group Quality Assurance Manager NB: Conditions of Supply As a condition of supply, Woolworths Ltd requires vendors to comply with their legal obligations in all respects.

Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard (WQA) in addition to any. The Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) Standard represents benchmarking of the Woolworths Quality program against global product safety standards and international retailing best practice.

The WQA Standard applies to vendors supplying Fresh Food products including Woolworth’s branded food and consumer products. One of the main reasons for implementing a documented food safety system is to demonstrate to your customers that you can supply safe, quality food.

Major supermarkets also have their own Quality Assurance / food safety standards like Woolworths QA (WQA) and Coles QA.

Woolworths quality assurance standards
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