Women and motorcycles essay

You cannot run over anything, cannot contact another vehicle or person on a motorcycle without considerable trauma.

Unfortunately they tend to give the better riders an equally bad reputation. Eventually they retreated into the interior and we could see the flickering blue light of their TV set arc across the night.

Stop signs and other traffic indicators like yield and slow are treated as optional or simply ignored. We buy ugly, bloated, gas-guzzling SUVs that promise off-road adventure and excitement when we never leave the pavement except unwillingly at highway construction sites.

And motorcyclists have to look ahead, consider the road in advance, plan and prepare in ways drivers never need to do. Governments should manage and control driving and its related issues like any other public issue.

There are those who ride sport, racing, heavyweight, cross-country, sport-tourer, commuter, muscle, custom, chopper, and off-road bikes. People with little or no sense of humour are recommended not to do so.

Blaring horns, rude and impolite gestures, mouthed curses glimpsed through windows - these are common daily scenes among drivers. In essence all other drivers are competitors, where most motorcyclists treat one another like companions.

It is a sensory delight to ride to the top of a hill and then scoot down it again. Accessories on cars are like ornaments on a Christmas tree - pretty but usually for decoration only.

Everything the rider does has a result. Yellow lights are ignored as drivers race to get through intersections, often even ignoring red lights.

Cars have become unreal and artificial environments, a protective metal shell that isolates us from the world outside and limits its intrusion into our personal space. Devices to moderate and disguise the act of driving - such as sound systems, TV sets, GPS locators, and cell phones - distract from the act and shift attention to the peripherals.

Our relationship with outsiders is increasingly sociopathic because we no longer relate to them as real people, but instead perceive them as simply images outside the vehicle, like TV cartoons. You see riders wave and nod at one another, greeting strangers simply because they also share the passion.

They are overcoming the setbacks and discouragement they face as a minority of the motorcycle population as a sisterhood. Late in the evening, my then-wife and I sat at a small fire, enjoying the beauty of the late sunset over the mountains and its reflection on the still water.

More women are taking charge when it comes to motorcycling, because the road is a lot more enjoyable from the front seat. Riding sets us apart Before cars, there were motorcycles.

Drivers will drive on the wrong side of a street to avoid having to walk the extra 30 feet to get to their destination. It is just another thing in our lives that has slipped from our hands.

We have to watch and be careful. And since smoking reduces the flow of oxygen to the brain, which makes smokers less alert, non-smoking motorcyclists are probably smarter than smoking drivers.

We ride in the world, never merely past it. You look, you think and you ride. We speed along, uncaring when we run over cats or squirrels on local roads. Ignorant riders will scream down low-speed roads with a screech of rubber and a wisp of smoke. Thus the development of the automatic transmission - it removes from drivers the need to shift gears, but handicaps them by alienating them from the actualities of driving.

Our inner cities die while suburbs designed to maximize the automobile consume valuable farmlands and green space around the urban cores. For my warning signs about road hazards, click on the link. Riding is about the heads that turn to look as you pass by.

Drivers race along suburban streets well above the speed limit, uncaring about pedestrians, children, animals or urban wildlife. Check out motorcycle brands to make sure the motorcycle can accommodate a woman.

The American Motorcyclist Association sponsors one of the biggest conferences to unite all women in bikers, they state that women represent about 24, ofof registered riders. The act of riding is all he or she needs.

Anything with an automatic transmission is designed for somnambulance, not excitement. Drivers will park their vehicles and leave them running to pollute the atmosphere, then argue against controls on idling as if destroying the environment were some sort of right and freedom.

Without the steel-and-plastic protection provided by the automobile, motorcyclists are vulnerable to even minor obstacles.

We carry carloads of kids or coworkers, groceries and yard sale treasures. You cannot ride and not be aware of how you sit, how your arms are flexed, the position of your shoulders or your legs. Our suburban culture has turned neighbourhoods into ugly suburban sprawl, unimaginative, cookie-cutter designs shoe-horned into the agricultural perimeter of our cities.Why don’t more women ride motorcycles?

Posted on 29th December, by Mark Hinchliffe. Aussie men may be the reason there are not more female riders. An American study has found women who ride feel more confident, happier and sexier than those who don’t ride, which has led to a rise of several thousand female riders in the US in the past.

Why We Ride, Ian Chadwick's essay on motorcycling WHY DO WE RIDE? Riding is more real. Riding is about fashion - the way men and women look in leather, the lean look of a sports bike rider in a full body suit, the rebellious look of a cruiser owner all dressed in black.

It's about a crafted stylishness that's at once casual and formal. Women and Their Motorcycles Women and Their Motorcycles Whether it is for the thrill of living on the edge, the pleasure of racing, or just for pure fun, women.

Why I started this section of my web site for women who want to travel by motorcycle (long essay for people who enjoy reading) Getting Started as a Motorcycle Rider: My Journey (Tips for Women.

Essay for Women Who Want to Travel By Motorcycle, By Jayne Cravens. So women like Dot Robinson and all women riders today have helped make Harley-Davidson a success.

The motorcycles being dependable and reliable, the people who choose to ride these machines, and the fact, that it is a great American success story have all made Harley-Davidson legendary.

Women and motorcycles essay
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