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These tubes proceed down through the engine tin and direct the air into the heater boxes on either side of the engine. I checked the forums, but the Rialta air seemed such a mystery. If possible, agitate the liquid once in a while by blowing into the pipe that goes to the bottom of the intercooler by some means.

This is most easily done with the engine out of the car, but it can be done with the engine installed if the rear hood and its hinges are removed so the fan housing can be lifted straight up to clear the oil cooler. If you see any evidence of leakage, immediately stop the engine and correct the cause of the leak.

Surprised by this, we asked to come in and drive it, to see if it was something we had always overlooked, or a new problem. Always remember that this is an air-cooled engine. In the Internet I read that are adjusters for the front torsion bars, but I never saw or read about a beam with these factory built in, I always saw them installed by handy owners.

Of course, this necessitates some patching, as holes in the tinware will allow the dirty "road air" into the engine compartment and thus into the fan and the heating systems.

Contrary to what others may have said, the pan is only thin sheet metal and not a skid-plate made of heavy metal.

Dave - I got a call this afternoon from the alignment shop. Check to make sure your steering components are not worn out or sloppy.

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Cleaning the screen requires removal of the lower section of the airbox from the vehicle and then removal of the duct which leads to the air filter housing intake.

Make sure the edges of the pan where the gasket mounts are clean. Bruce reluctantly got in the car with my husband and they drove around the block. You will also note that the rear hanger fits into a slot of the undercarriage. Paint remover, acetone, and other solvents can be used to soften the goop.

This procedure is for the 01P transmission.


This drain should be opened to drain any collected water at periodic intervals. Wait about two minutes for all engine oil to re-collect in the bottom of the engine crankcase. Once the engine is warm, turn it off for the time being.

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5 - Supplier Handbook for Prototypes - Body by juanjo_horno. VW BUS / VAN / EUROVAN & RIALTA SHOP REVIEWS. The largest VW shop listing anywhere.

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Vw supplier manual
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