Tom reagans push for animal rights as described in the article the case for animal rights

As for commercial animal agriculture, the rights view takes a similar abolitionist position. Most of the details of the supporting argument are missing. It is our hearts, not just our heads, that call for an end to it all, that demand of us that we overcome, for them, the habits and forces behind their systematic oppression.

You have the last word: A veal calf killed to be eaten after living in close confinement is viewed and treated in this way: Once again, however, attempts to defend this view can be shown to lack rational justification.

Shall we say that only humans have the requisite intelligence, or autonomy, or reason?

All who have inherent value have it equally, whether they be human animals or not. Regan on inherent value: It is the realization of this third stage, adoption, that requires both our passion and our discipline, our hearts and our heads.

I like to think in these terms when I meet people who are not yet active in the Animal Rights Movement. Lay down your Pavlovian slings and restraint chairs. Well, enough to make a difference - enough, that is, collectively to have the power to enforce the rules that are drawn up in the contract.

It is complete replacement. The extracts which follow are among his concluding remarks: More generally, all of our duties regarding animals are indirect duties to one another — to humanity. Regan cautions that the opposition is likely to frame animal rights as "antihuman.

They are symptoms and effects of the deeper, systematic wrong that allows these animals to be viewed and treated as lacking independent value, as resources for us - as, indeed, a renewable resource.

But this is blatant speciesism. Midgley states, "Essentially I think he [Regan] is right We were vilified on most meat and pharma-supported news shows but homeboy Dayton Phil Donahue gave us a fair hearing.InAmerican philosopher Tom Regan published a book called The Case for Animal Rights, which has since become an important text in animal rights theory.

Before I explain Dr. Regan's views, I. The Case f()r Animal Rights. TOM REGAN. Tom Regan is professor emeritus of philosophy at North Carolina State University. He has written or edited more than 20 books and published numerous articles. His books on. Jan 15,  · Tom Regan is Professor of philosophy at North Carolina State University and a leading animal rights advocate.

His best known work is in the form of his book The Case for Animal Rights (). Regan's position on animal rights and how it differs from that of Singer's. Regan disagrees with Singer's utilitarian program for animal liberation.

Video Tom Regan, A Case for Animal Rights Tom Regan has written or edited more than twenty books and numerous articles on animal rights. Various writings of Tom Regan. The Case for Animal Rights is a book by the American philosopher Tom Regan, in which the author argues that at least some kinds of non-human animals have moral rights because they are the "subjects-of-a-life," and that these rights adhere to them whether or not they are recognized.

The work is considered an important text within animal rights Author: Tom Regan. by Tom Regan. In PETER SINGER (ed), In Defense of Animals The first is how the theory that underlies the case for animal rights shows that the animal rights movement is a part of, not antagonistic to, the human rights movement.

The theory that rationally grounds the rights of animals also grounds the rights of humans.

Tom reagans push for animal rights as described in the article the case for animal rights
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