The twin deficits in the economy

The exporting nations have the ability to apply financial and political pressure on the importers. An increase in this component of government expenditure is accommodated by an increase in the number of hours that people work, rather than a deterioration in the current account balance. Therefore, the budget balance improves.

The second feature, in particular, makes the demand for exported and imported goods even less responsive to fluctuations in exchange rates and relative prices in the short run than in the longer run, when adjustment costs are zero.

Inflation, twin deficits are concerns for India's growth momentum

Twice the Fun for the U. For policymakers, these results ultimately raise questions about the extent to which a reduction in the budget deficit can lead to an improvement in the current account deficit.

Forecasts of CAD vary between 2. Standard economic theory would not find either situation surprising. Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. Although standard economic theory predicts that a deterioration in the budget balance results in a deterioration of the current account, the data in Figure 1 show that the two do not always move together.

Government Investment or Irresponsibility? What accounts for the more modest effect? Those workers spend money, fueling the economy and boosting corporate profits, causing stock prices to rise.

This macroeconomic theory is known as the twin deficit hypothesis. Other times, the data does not. To learn more, read: This Economic Letter reviews several of these studies.

Making a loan to a stable government is often viewed as a safe investment. She studies the reaction of a model economy to two fiscal policies that can lead to a worsening budget deficit: Twin Deficit Hypothesis Some economists believe a large budget deficit is correlated to a large current account deficit.

Of course, other things are not always equal. The term became popular in the s and s in the United States when the country underwent a deficit in both areas.

At the same time the nation is borrowing from abroad, its citizens are often using borrowed money to purchase imported goods.

Understanding the Twin Deficits: New Approaches, New Results

They evaluate how the trade balance responds to an increase in the budget deficit that arises from either higher government expenditure or reduced labor tax rates. The BOP tracks money coming in and going out of a country. The reason is that a number of factors can play a role in determining the impact of budget deficits on the current account.

These statistics appear to provide a compelling case that domestic manufacturing is strong.Sincethe U.S. has seen the emergence of twin deficits—that is, a growing budget deficit along with a growing current account deficit, which reflects increasing U.S.

borrowing from abroad. To some analysts, this situation seems. Turkey is not the only economy with "twin" deficits and high amounts of foreign currency debt.

Indonesia, for example, also runs fiscal and current account deficits and its foreign currency borrowing is roughly 30 percent of GDP. Some argue the blame lies with the “twin deficits.” Here’s what ‘twin deficits’ means for the dollar and the Fed more aggressive monetary tightening that could bring the economic.

Twin Deficits in Developing Economies From a new IMF working paper by Davide Furceri and Aleksandra Zdzienicka: “We provide new evidence of the existence of the “twin deficits” in developing economies. To conclude, while recent indicators point toward a positive momentum in Indian economic growth, there are growing concerns regarding its sustainability at these levels, given the outlook for inflation and the twin deficits in the current fiscal.

At times, economic data supports the twin deficit hypothesis. Other times, the data does not. Interest in the theory rises and wanes with the status of a nation's deficits.

Other Pieces of the Puzzle. The fiscal deficit and current account deficit are just two of the many inputs used to determine a nation's fiscal situation.

The twin deficits in the economy
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