The sorrow of war phuong and kien

The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh

Phuong gives into simply being objectification and abuse by men for the rest of her life because of her traumatic experience. Not only does the rape make Phuong a victim, but emphasizes her sacrifice of her purity, innocence, body, and beliefs for Kien.

Then a mute girl whom Kien has begun seeing when drunk, and has been bouncing his ideas off, obtains the text after he left. Narration shifts back and forth between distant past, near-past and present as Kien experiences surges of memory and feeling associated with combat experiences, his relationship with Phuong, and his efforts to put his past behind him and get on with his life.

But as a result, she will never be able to physically love Kien and only love him emotionally from a far distance. Throughout the war, he still pictures Phuong as pure and innocent, often looking back at past memories before the.

Kien wants to stay true to his communist ideals, to be respectful of his duty to the community of Vietnam. In both love and war, there is a sign of hope in the beginning, until a loss is suffered from, and then trauma is experienced at the end. He bears witness, this is his attempt at a personal salvation.

Not only is his image of a pure Phuong as a lover shattered, but his image of Phuong as a mother figure has also been taken away from him.

The Sorrow of War

But when the Vietnam War occurs, their lives drastically changed for the worst as their love became irreconcilable, leading each of the characters to go on their own separate ways.

This section contains words approx. War not only affected them physically but it destroyed them inside, it weakened their relationship. Cross took action and burned the letters and photographs that Martha had sent him, physically removing her from the war.

This is evidenced in a scene where he manages to save a prostitute and takes her to his home to provide her shelter for the night. Besides the many differences Kien and Cross had, they were similar in certain aspects.

In love, Kien suffers multiple losses that include his masculinity, friends and comrades, duty as a soldier, man, and lover, and most importantly, he loses his idealization of love that was embodied in Phuong.

The trauma she faced had changed her approach on life. Kien even makes the comparison between war and love and the sorrow they cause: Jimmy Cross found himself in a different position than Kien.

The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam Summary & Study Guide

Even though the Mute Girl listens to him, cares for him, and provides him with a safe haven for him to write, he flees after experiencing one night with her sexually. Suicide is not out of the realm of possibility, but the fact that Kien seemed to give up after coming victorious from the war since he no longer had a purpose and Phuong had moved on.

Clinging on to the last piece of peace in his life, Kien uses this as a coping mechanism to deal with the horrors and sorrows of war. When they try to make amends and be together again, they cannot. The future that he had fought and hoped for in the war never materializes when the fighting is over.

And none of it is politically correct: The Vietnamese lost three million. Essentially, Phuong gives up on her beliefs and takes on a new identity separate than her old one. Kien still imagines the time he spent with Phuong at the lake where their love was still pure as a way to keep him fighting through the war.There is also a credible love story, Kien’s feelings for the beautiful gifted and loving Phuong, this love destroyed with pathos by war, loss and suffering.

There is the loss of youth, family, life, tradition and love — all is encompassed in the real sorrow of war, in other words, the human story of war. Transcript of Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh. Turning point of Kien & Phuong's love play significant roles in the 'Sorrow of War' Kien is the protagonist of the novel, fighting as a part of the North Vietnamese brigade While war slowly destroys Kien both mentally and physically, love becomes the last of his.

Phuong and Kien greatly contrast; she is the complete opposite of Kien because he is so devoted to his duty as a man and the law, even if it means going to war, and she believes in peace and freedom, a romantic way of looking at life.

The Sorrow Of War Phuong And Kien. The Nonlinear Structure of The Sorrow of War and its Distortion of Kien and Phuong's Relationship to Create Character Depth to Kien Bao Ninh is a Vietnamese war veteran and the author of what is said to be "one of the most moving war novels of all time" (Gareth Smith), The Sorrow of War.

In Kien's efforts to deal with the trauma of both the war and the end of his relationship with Phuong, he becomes addicted to alcohol and to cigarettes, simultaneously finding himself intensely engaged in writing a kind of memoir. Sorrow of War Characters.

STUDY. PLAY. Can. Tells Kien he js gling AWOL. Body is found later. Green Coffee Girl. Classmate of Kien and Phuong. Injured in war. Tries to make people comfortable even though he was in bad condition. Bed bound due to spinal injury. Dies off. Features.

The Sorrow of War Discussion

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The sorrow of war phuong and kien
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