The customer is not always right essay

However, I think businesses should abandon this phrase once and for all -- ironically, because it leads to worse customer service.

Rosenbluth argues that when you put the employees first, they put the customers first. So any business needs to put its people first -- and watch them put the customers first.

We run more than 3 million people through our books every month. They care more about other people, including customers They have more energy They are happy, meaning they are more fun to talk to and interact with They are more motivated On the other hand, when the company and management consistently side with customers instead of with employees, it sends a clear message that: Employees who are happy at work give better customer service because: You are the expert on your own business.

The fact is that some customers are just plain wrong, that businesses are better of without them, and that managers siding with unreasonable customers over employees is a very bad idea, that results in worse customer service. Note that it was not even a matter of a financial calculation -- not a question of whether either company would make or lose money on that customer in the long run.

It may not tank your business entirely, but it will make it harder to attract and keep the top shelf talent that you need to thrive. Crabapple, We will miss you. You need to hold to your own mission and push through the resistance of "But Why? Oct 15, More from Inc.

Top 5 Reasons Why 'The Customer Is Always Right' Is Wrong

Quite often, changes in the status quo feel inconvenient to customers, even if they will be beneficial in the long run. Also, it means that abusive people get better treatment and conditions than nice people.

Part of your job is to explain to them why what you have to offer is the best deal on the market. All entrepreneurs should be focused on ways to improve their business, their productivity, and their service, if only because stagnation is the enemy of business growth.

It was a simple matter of respect and dignity and of treating their employees right.

But some customers are quite simply bad for business. Go out there and show your customers why they chose you in the first place. Often, the attitude that the customer is always right drives away good business as your company focuses on satisfying those who cannot be satisfied, or focuses on creating short term satisfaction over long term customer loyalty.

Danish IT service provider ServiceGruppen proudly tell this story: You have to value them The guy better put away the hat. He wrote many nasty letters. One or two of those people are going to be unreasonable, demanding jerks. Put faith in that. Your employees will be a joy to work with, and that pleasure in the transaction will transfer to the customer experience.

The customer cares about maintaining the status quo Most customers are not early adopters. The customer is not an expert.

Alexander is a speaker, consultant, and author with a global following of millions. Employees are not valued Treating employees fairly is not important Employees have no right to respect from customers Employees have to put up with everything from customers When this attitude prevails, employees stop caring about service.

The customer is sometimes wrong.Customer is always right for three reasons. First, the customer is always right is not the criterion of distinguished between right and wrong but is the criteria of the service work because the focus of the work is how to help customers. Essay on “The Customer is Always Right” Words 4 Pages Whether you are communicating with a customer service representative in person or over the phone, the term “the customer is always right,” has lost its meaning.

the customer is always rightSeveral retail concern used this as a slogan from the early 20th century onward. In the USA it is particularly associated with Marshall Field's department store, Chicago (established in the late 19th century).

Customer: “Well I just came from [Other Store] and they didn’t have them!” Me: “I’m sorry. I don’t know if we even have them, but they would. Sep 02,  · The problem is, the customer isn’t always right, and always thinking otherwise can result in serious disservice to you, your employees, and your customers.

Here’s why. Here’s why. 1. Sometimes, the customer is right. Often, the attitude that the customer is always right drives away good business as your company focuses on satisfying those who cannot be satisfied, or focuses on.

The customer is not always right essay
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