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Styria developed culturally and economically under Archduke John of Austria between and Graz, capital city of Styria Historical view of Steiermark partnersuche border between Styria and Carinthia, Main article: Inafter World War Iit was divided into a northern section forming what is the current Austrian stateand a southern one, called Lower Styriainhabited mostly by ethnic Slovenians, and which was annexed to Yugoslavia, and later in Slovenia.

Etymology[ edit ] The March of Styria derived its name from the original seat of its ruling Otakar dynasty: Slavswho first were under the domination of the Avarssettled in the valleys of this country around and onwards.

The western and eastern parts of the district Graz-Umgebung may or may not be considered parts of West Steiermark partnersuche East Styria, respectively.

The region created roughly 2, additional green jobs in alone. Economy[ edit ] View over the vineyards of South-Styria As elsewhere in the developed world, there has been a shift away from the manufacturing sector towards the service sector in Styria.

During the Barbarian invasionsit was conquered or crossed by the Visigothsthe Hunsthe Ostrogothsthe Rugiiand the Lombards. At the same time Bavarian people under Frankish domination began to expand their area to the south and east and absorbed the Slavic population.

Later Styria formed the central part of Inner Austria. This has had negative consequences for the industrial regions of upper Styria which have suffered a steady decline in population in recent years.

Styria is home to more than clean technology companies, of which one dozen are world technology leaders in their field. The ancient link between Steyr and Styria is also apparent in their nearly identical coats of arms, a white Panther on a green background.

The southern parts of the Duchy of Styriawhich have formed part of Yugoslavia and later Slovenia since with the exception of World War IIwere and sometimes colloquially still are referred to as " Lower Styria " Untersteiermark; Slovene: This equals to 8 percent of the Gross Regional Product GRPand is one of the highest concentrations of leading clean technology companies in Europe.

In Styria had the strongest economic growth rate in Austria at 3.

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After its conquest by the Romans, the eastern part of what is now Styria was part of Pannoniawhile the western one was included in Noricum.

The companies have an average real growth rate of 22 percent per year—well above the worldwide cleantech market growth of 18 percent per year.Die Partnersuche in der Steiermark, dem grünen Herzen Österreichs, ist geprägt von der abwechslungsreichen Landschaft und den vielen eher kleineren aber bezaubernden Städten und Dörfern.

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The ancient link between Steyr and Styria is also apparent in their nearly identical coats of arms, a white Panther on a green background. Hier gehts zur Gratis Singlebörse Steiermark: Wir verlangen keine Gebühren von dir!

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