Responsibilities of a citizen

OpinionFront Staff Last Updated: It is important that citizens perform their duties for the government to function properly.

Do You Know All the Responsibilities You Have as a Citizen?

The responsibilities of citizenship When it comes to what it takes to be a good citizen, the public has a long list of traits and behaviors that it says are important.

Polis meant both the political assembly of the city-state as well as the entire society. As a bond, citizenship extends beyond basic kinship ties to unite people of different genetic backgrounds.

While citizenship has varied considerably throughout history, and within societies over time, there are some common elements but they vary considerably as well.

Therewith they become merely subjects of the State. Another principle is that the race and nationality of every subject of the State will have to be proved.

The federal taxes are used to fund the payments of federal judges, doctors, national park rangers, FBI agents, etc. Louis, in From until the mid-twentieth century, United States law used racial criteria to Responsibilities of a citizen citizenship rights and regulate who was eligible to become a naturalized citizen.

The rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good, after having completed his period of military service. These items do not top the list of older adults either, though those 65 and older are more likely than the youngest adults to say both are important parts of being a good citizen.


Currently, women are exempted from registering for the draft, hence, it is applicable only to men. To be truly human, one had to be an active citizen to the community, which Aristotle famously expressed: One should at least have a basic understanding of the critical issues faced by the nation.

The citizen has privileges which are not accorded to the alien. The principle is that birth within the confines of the State gives only the status of a subject. In a democratic country, citizens are expected to participate actively in the regulation of the government.

The Reich Citizenship Law of established racial criteria for citizenship in the German Reichand because of this law Jews and others who could not prove "German" racial heritage were stripped of their citizenship.

At the same time those women who earn their livelihood independently have the right to acquire citizenship if they are German subjects. It almost always has an element of exclusion, meaning that some people are not citizens, and that this distinction can sometimes be very important, or not important, depending on a particular society.

All women were to be conferred "subject" status upon birth, and could only obtain "citizen" status if they worked independently or if they married a German citizen see women in Nazi Germany. If the government needs a larger armed force during the times of crisis, the Selective Service chooses from those who have registered.

The German girl is a subject of the State but will become a citizen when she marries. Still, there are differences when it comes to which aspects are considered very important as opposed to somewhat importantand points of emphasis differ by party identification as well as by age.

This pattern is seen across other items as well: Slavery permitted slaveowners to have substantial free time, and enabled participation in public life. Obeying Laws It is one of the most important responsibilities of a citizen.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

And the diploma conferring the rights of citizenship will be preserved by the young man as the most precious testimonial of his whole life. It would be brave to say that politicians are the reflection of the society they represent.

The Public, the Political System and American Democracy

This idea began to appear around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and became stronger over time, according to one view. Citizenship status, under social contract theory, carries with it both rights and duties. The obligations of citizenship were deeply connected with everyday life.

However, the following quote by Thomas Jefferson suggests that it cannot be completely untrue. During this era, members of the nobility had a range of privileges above commoners see aristocracythough political upheavals and reforms, beginning most prominently with the French Revolutionabolished privileges and created an egalitarian concept of citizenship.America's citizens, most of them, have believed in a moral order ordained by divine wisdom; and so they have assumed moral responsibilities, including personal responsibility for constitutional government.

The more thoughtful citizens have seen society as primarily moral in origin: a community of souls. The Public, the Political System and American Democracy 9. The responsibilities of citizenship. When it comes to what it takes to be a good citizen, the public has a.

Citizenship Responsibilities. Citizenship is the state of being vested with the rights, privileges and duties of a citizen, but it can also be defined as the character of an individual viewed as a member of society.

While U.S. citizenship provides many rights, it also involves many responsibilities. the responsibilities of citizenship. We hope you will honor and respect the freedoms and opportunities citizenship gives you. At the same time, we hope you become an active member of your community.

It is by participating in your community that you truly become an American. 2. Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Citizenship is the common thread that connects all Americans.

We are a nation bound not by race or religion, but by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality. A government where citizens elect officials and give these officials power to be responsible and make the decisions about laws and the government; government of the US Personal Responsibilities Responsibilities you have to yourself and your friends and family, such as go to school, work, fiscal ($) responsibility, etc.

Responsibilities of a citizen
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