Reason and quality should be equally considered

Medicare is also working to improve patient dignity and safety through their Medicare Health Support pilot project, which provides chronically ill patients with health coaches help them manage their condition and keep up communication and coordination with their providers.

Although still in the developmental stages, the PRHI has achieved remarkable successes. In final, treating people equally ignores the natural differences people have between each other.

Many believe that this system is one of the primary contributors to skyrocketing health care costs. In many cases, because of the way our insurance system is structured, payment is unrelated to quality of care and consumers have little or no choice of health care providers.

Men and Women Are Not Equal

Not only are they different on the physical level but they differ in almost every way they relate to the world around them. The uproar across media agencies lasted the best part of a week with the new cabinet being compared, in an amusing but meaningless way, to the political cabinet of Afghanistan which has three women.

One example of differences in biology is the difference of Asians to other races in the amount of alcohol dehydrogenase ADH that Asians produce. Health care providers should provide care that meets the needs of each individual patient, including the use of appropriate advances in medical technology.

There are many ways people are different to each other whether it be their traits, skills, personality, biology race and genderor any other way people are naturally different.

In Pittsburgh, the answer is a resounding yes.

In its State of Health Care Quality Report, the National Committee for Quality Assurance cites six main factors that prevent many Americans from receiving the highest standards of care. For more information on the conference, please see Beyond QIO: A Case Study Is consistent, quality health care possible?

Providers who wish to receive bonus payments must collect and report data that show how well they performed on those measures.

There has been some criticism regarding the effectiveness and appropriateness of these standards. At the present time, there is no consistent or organized national system of quality reporting in the United States health care sector. General Medicare information about quality of care complaints: This creates the phenomenon known as the "Asian Rash" which is a unique symptom that Asians get by consuming too much alcohol.

Inform patients any time their care plan is altered and explain the reasons behind the changes. Structural Barriers; the ease of navigating through the system to receive the best care. See the Guide to Choosing Quality Care http: Indeed, many quality improvements, while they may have a positive impact on patients, provide only marginal savings or profits to the health care facilities themselves.

When performance measures are not adequate or do not exist for particular conditions, providers may be hesitant to accept patients with those conditions for fear of unfairly lowering their quality score.

Formed inthe Pittsburgh Regional health care Initiative PRHI is creating an innovative model for achieving measurable and sustainable improvements in health care on a region-wide basis.

See the American Medical Association www. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights this issue in relation to guidelines for cardiac care. If we were sincere about the equality issue we would insist that besides a quota of women in leadership positions, a set number of men become carers to the disabled and work at home raising children.

Standards affect the accreditation status of hospitals and other health care facilities, and include many point-by-point processes of standard care with which all accredited hospitals must comply.

How is a woman selected under a quota regime supposed to know if she is there for her particular talents or simply to meet a politically correct criteria? Institute of Medicinehttp: If you found out that both Sue and Kelly were in a relationship and the person they were in a relationship with were cheating on them, would you treat them both equally with your response to this new information?

As evidenced in the current national debates over universal health care, not everyone has insurance, or access to health care. Pay-for-performance, proponents argue, would correct this disincentive by passing on a portion of those savings realized from higher quality care to the providers who help implement quality improvementMeasuring quality as a function of quantity of services delivered however, whether it involves more and fewer services, is not in isolation a measure of quality.

There are many different biological differences between races including how some races are more prone to some diseases than others. Some of these groups include: It is okay to ask the doctor to repeat or explain information that is not clear.Men and women are most defenitely equal, most people think that women act differently because of nature.

But science has proven that men and women’s brains are equal. The biggest reason men and women act differently is because of nurture. So women and men should be treated equally. After all, society as it is now hurts men too. Mill's arguments for the difference in value between intellectual and sensual pleasures is: a) Mill believed that the quality of the pleasure should also count.

Some pleasures are intrinsically better than others. Home > Opinions > Economics > Should everyone be treated equally? Add a New Topic.

Should everyone be treated equally? Just because someone looks different gives you no reason to treat them badly. Let me say it again, we. Are. All. Humans.

we should strive to recognize the recognize differences in other and consider how that effects. Start studying Ethics 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search.

ago, however, the enlightenment questioned the authority of religion in the realm of ethics, and, instead, claimed that reason should ethic's sole authority. - To consider all people to be of equal. For two things to be perfectly equal they would need to be the same and it should be self-evident that a man and a woman are not the same.

Not only are they different on the physical level but they differ in almost every way they relate to the world around them. Men and Women should be equal.

Everyone should be treated fairly in the world. We are all human. Man and Woman are both made from God, so women should be treated equally. They both work hard to get to places and so why are they getting treated differently.

It just doesn't make sense. We should ignore the stereotypes and get into the real world.

Reason and quality should be equally considered
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