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PPU[ edit ] A physics processing unit PPU is a processor specially designed to alleviate the calculation burden on the CPU, specifically calculations involving physics.

It was first introduced in Mafia II in August In response to the Real World Technologies analysis, Mike Skolones, product manager of PhysX, said [22] that SSE support had been left behind because most games are developed for consoles first and then ported to the PC.

Beginning with version 2. It supports rigid body dynamics, soft body dynamics, ragdolls and character controllers, vehicle dynamics, particles, volumetric fluid simulation and cloth simulation including tearing and pressurized cloth.

Traditionally, Phys ex effects are made using Phys ex combination of elements created using specialized solvers for rigid bodies, fluids, clothing, etc. The bottom screenshot shows a similar scene with PhysX turned to the lowest level.

As a result, modern computers run these games faster and better than the consoles even with little or no optimization. History[ edit ] What is known today as PhysX originated as a physics simulation engine called NovodeX.

According to this analysis, most of the code used in PhysX applications at the time was based on x87 instructions without any multi-threading optimization.

A GPU can be located on a dedicated video card, or it can be integrated directly into the motherboard.

Modern GPUs are very efficient at manipulating and displaying computer graphics, and their highly parallel structure makes them more effective than general-purpose CPUs for a range of complex algorithms, such as accelerating physical simulations using PhysX. A graphics processing unit or GPU also occasionally called visual processing unit or VPU is a dedicated graphics rendering device for a personal computer, workstation or game console.

Because FleX uses a unified Phys ex representation for all object types, it enables new effects where different simulated substances can interact with each other seamlessly. The goal for FleX is to use the power of GPUs to bring the capabilities of these offline applications to real-time computer graphics.

Hardware acceleration[ edit ] PC The top screenshot shows how debris is simulated in Mafia II when PhysX is turned to the highest level in the game settings.PhysX is a proprietary realtime physics engine middleware SDK.

PhysX was authored at NovodeX, an ETH Zurich spin-off. InNovodeX was acquired by Ageia, and in FebruaryAgeia was acquired by Nvidia. The term PhysX can also refer to the PPU expansion card designed by Ageia to accelerate PhysX-enabled video games.

Without accurate physics simulation even the most beautiful game feels static and lifeless. PhysX taps into the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX GPUs to create incredible effects and scenes filled with dynamic destruction, particle based fluids, and life-like animation.

List of games with hardware-accelerated PhysX support

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This is a list of games with hardware-accelerated PhysX support via GPU and/or PPU.

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