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Brian Turnbull Director of Business Development Brian brings over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry along with other sectors. As an innovation leader, he takes pride in designing fast and efficient data processing. Doug also teaches as an adjunct professor in the automotive management program at Northwood University.

Prior to joining NITS, she held many positions at Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Mercury Sales Division in dealership and field strategy, marketing, customer communications, public relations and production forecasting.

They include everything from providing complete transportation systems, to the raw materials of industry like plastics, steel, chemicals, food and petroleum. We roll up our sleeves Niteshsolutions unlimited essay get it done while never losing focus of the big picture.


From real estate investments to next-generation computer technology and digital content. Most recently, he worked as a consultant for the Volkswagen Group of America to redesign and implement a cost effective and strategic solution for the end-to-end supply chain in accessories division.

We are Innovative We push ourselves to think outside the box. In recent years, Solutions United has expanded the scope of their business beyond that Niteshsolutions unlimited essay company to become an investor and financier of businesses, and a solutions provider in many areas including distribution, project management, supply chain management, technology transfer, trade and transportation.

He was a key member of the strategic advisory team that worked with clients actively to formulate growth strategy. Marketing Manager, her wheelhouse strengths include relationship management, collaboration, and client delight which are clearly visible within the OEM programs she manages.

He helped clients improve network performance in aftersales and sales across dimensions ranging from customer experience, change management, sales and service leadership and dealership profitability across 23 global markets on four continents.

His extensive background includes a variety of relational and unstructured database systems, from transactional ERP systems to large-scale content databases holding billions of documents. Technology and customer behavior is constantly evolving. Because of this, we are actively engaged in a diverse array of industries and our customers and suppliers are some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world.

Our custom data management technology and marketing experience allows us to maximize this untapped resource, to design and implement programs that enable our clients to blaze new paths for growth. Prior to joining NITS, Prasad held vital positions at various technology firms, and has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing software.

The history of Solutions United it is founding on principles, stressing integrity and sound management, which have been guiding forces throughout our growth and evolution. He was class president during his time at Ross and graduated with distinction.

But we are more than consultants to our clients. Prior to joining NITS, Doug amassed experience in automotive sales and distribution in channels first in the marketing and distribution arm of Mercedes-Benz and then as a consultant to multiple OEMs. We stay current on knowledge and seek new ways to provide value to our clients.

He married his High School Sweetheart 35 years ago and enjoys his new role as a grandpa as of Christmas Eve We invite you to browse our web site and take a closer look at the specific industries in which we do business. Brilliance is nothing without boldness.

If the technology is available, we master it. Their needs come first; we take ownership of their business as if it is our own.

Nitesh Solutions Unlimited

Our roster includes Fortune companies and spans many business sectors. Careers About Us In the uncharted realms of data, we are the explorers, the innovators, the risk-takers. Dig Into the Data Mon. She lives in Northville, MI with her spouse and three children. Combining unrivaled analytics, proprietary software and industry expertise, we help businesses find the opportunity hidden inside their data.

We tackle big challenges and everyday improvements with innovation and creativity. Shashank also received multiple scholarships and a leadership award in his time at Ross. And while our team embodies the power of individuality, each person shares one common trait—data is in their DNA.

In her free time, Kim likes to run, watch Michigan Football, and enjoys spending time watching her children play football, lacrosse, basketball and track!

Neetu Seth Founder Identifying opportunity is second nature to Neetu.

Douglas Pedersen Strategic Account Director Douglas Pedersen brings 20 years of global automotive industry experience. From foodstuff to fertilizer. We Collaborate as One We are dedicated to our clients and provide tireless support to them; working together to achieve individual and collective goals.Our versatile structures allow us to extend your living space in a highly useful way.


Create a separate and spacious home with system 4 the new generation of buildings. This is a movement for all “niches” in the world to shine amongst the mainstream. Possibly leading, managing, politics, diplomacy, processes and organizational demands are some of the hurdles you need to deal with to get a chance to work on what you are really great at.

UNIT Solutions is dedicated to being the pre-eminent non-lethal training solution for law enforcement and military worldwide. We have custom engineered a solution to directly address existing training challenges, and provide the best training system on the market for force-on-force and decision-making training.

Solutions United brings a global perspective to today's business opportunities as a subsidiary of integrated trading and investment business history of Solutions United it is founding on principles, stressing integrity and sound management. About Us. In the uncharted realms of data, we are the explorers, the innovators, the risk-takers.

If the software doesn’t exist, we invent it. If the technology is available, we master it. NITS Solutions was also named one of “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” by Michigan Small Business and Development. OUR CORE VALUES. “Nitish @ Solutions Unlimited- Decision Report” Situational Analysis.

Nitish has a good academic background and he was admired by his seniors as well his colleagues in his previous job.

Niteshsolutions unlimited essay
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