Marketing plan for for herborist cosmetic

The SWOT analysis for Herborist will be implemented in the following, which will indentify the internal strengths, weakness, the external opportunities and threats related to Herborist.

Unlike the other cosmetics department stores in China, the most ideal space for products display at Sephora in France are basically reserved for fragrances and the second advantageous space are for skin care products.

The results of the questionnaire are attached on the appendices with a brief analysis below the charts. As shown in the statistics, Brand management Abstract This paper attempts to investigate the internationalization process of a Chinese domestic cosmetics brand, Herborist by making a comparison of marketing strategies applied for different countries as a case study.

Moreover, the Chinese herbal medicine laboratory and research centre ,which costs more than ten millions Yuan assures to provide unlimited resources for the market needs. For Herborist, this kind of phenomenon is a great threat to both expand the domestic market share and especially position itself for the international markets.

The marketplace determines the eventual success or failure of any brand. On the other hand, Herborist plans to expand its market outside the China mainland market via the cooperation with Sephora Herborist official website Herborist has been really busy with the welfare of the clients. Other than that, a risk management system should be built in order to identify, analyze, monitor and respond to risks and issues facing by the company when they run globally.

However, the amount beauty care products in French market are far more than in China, which is a big threat for Herborist. Only depending on this distinctiveness, can Herborist have more chances to become world famous cosmetic brand just like the road of the body shop and Shiseido does.

Besides from that, Thai, Indonesia and Singapore who have the largest Chinese community in the world are doubtlessly should be targeted by Herborist to set off a new wave of Chinese material medical wind in South East Asia.

According to the survey that there is an increasing rate on the purchasing capability of female college or university students towards middle to high end cosmetic products, which is an important segment for Herborist to focus AMA Communication Services.

For instance, Herborist only promotes its products in print advertisement while ignoring other channels such TV ads, radio ads and so on Chinairn Most of the consumers in Europeans have the tendency of having brand loyalty to some brands that are already existed. The exclusive sales team is responsible to petrol at Sephora every few hours, by explaining the functions and brand concepts to clients face to face in order to shorten the distance with consumers.

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The target consumers of Herborist is female from the age of 25 to 35 years old who has a demand for individualized healthy beauty.

In order to be closely linked with the consumers, the company is running the membership system in China by using e-commerce online websites, postage, related magazines, VIP parties, bonus points gift redemption to keep the consumers up-to-date on their latest released products and maintain brand loyalty.

Herborist is one of the exemplary examples.

Marketing Plan for for Herborist Cosmetic Company, China

The company is advocating the natural beauty, which is gifted from the mother earth and proposed their specialization in fusing the elementary inner energy of Chinese medicine into a miracle beauty essence.

Thirdly, the strong resistance to the new brand such as Herborist in the Hong Kong market, which cost Herborist too much to enhance its brand cognitive.

They must also be consistently reinvented when the marketplace changes as a reflection of popular culture. This segment is focused on these female college students who prefer buying international cosmetic brand while have pressures on the pricing part.The aim of this thesis project was to increase brand awareness, strengthen the competitiveness in international cosmetics market by emphasizing the uniqueness of Chinese herbal organic essences and the inheritance Asians beauty, provide valuable marketing strategy for Herborist’s worldwide market expandation and reinforce the.

tendency of the Chinese cosmetic market internationalization is inevitable. Herborist is a typical Chinese domestic cosmetics company. Now Herborist tries to find new purchasing intentions and buying habits to figure out what is the best marketing plan for Herborist.

Marketing strategy for herborist

9 2 CHINESE AND EUROPEAN COSMETIC MARKETS Chinese. Case Study: Chinese Herbal Medicine Cosmetics brand, Herborist Topic A International Marketing Strategies of Herborist Marketing Strategies MKT September 8, 1. Write an executive summary of your marketing plan. This business plan is for Reek’s Bistro, a new medium-sized restaurant located in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Executive Summary The following plan is intended to provide a basic marketing communications plan for a fictitious company. The company in question operates in China and produces soft drinks, particularly adult soft drinks.

A systematic marketing strategy for Herborist Cosmetic Company

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Marketing plan for for herborist cosmetic
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