Life after high school short essay

Zachary knew that Sunny did not like him and he decided to propose to her even though he already knew the answer to his proposal.

The Environment The day after I finished high school seemed like a new life will begin. I preferred to study in the East Coast of Saudi Arabia. My sister gave a wristwatch; my brother gave me a new perfume; my mother gave me an iPhone; and my father gave me a laptop.

I thanked them all. Even Zachary doubted himself regarding his sexual preference, which is why he forced himself to someone by getting married believing that he would change when he experiences the married life with a wife. Do you want to study abroad?

One of them you take it during your studies in the high school and its test your capabilities in mathematics and the Arabic language. After Sunny rejected his proposal and not gave him the chance to be normal, Zachary thought that there was no hope for him.

Zachary knew that no matter what happens, Sunny would never hurt him. Sunny should have realized that something was wrong when Zachary accepted the fact that she did not love him back but still proposed to her and even forced her to wear the ring.

He unconsciously transformed her life forever with his death. A life that is full of responsibilities, challenges, difficulties, and problems. However, she felt uncomfortable being around Zachary because of his feelings for her.

He could not imagine his life being worse than what it was already, which was why he took his life. Because I will be near to my family and I will be independent, I killed two birds with one This was also mentioned in his suicidal note. Now is the time that I should depend on myself.

Everything that Zachary thought about Sunny being his lifesaver turned out to be the opposite because she unconsciously made him end his own life. Zachary chose Sunny to be his wife due to her qualities and personality.

He was scared of society and the people who would judge him and act differently around him after they find out the truth about him. The other reason was because she believed in God.

Life After High School Essay - Part 3

But Sunny was too opinionated about God and religion to believe that one person could not possibly become homosexual. Then the university will take the mean of your results and then it will decide that if you were accepted or rejected.

Or you want to continue in Saudi Arabia? I do not want to affect your choice. This is why they keep their issues within themselves during that time. In contrast, the death of Zachary did not have anything to do with Sunny. Do whatever you want, I am not going to tell what you should do.

Although he was not into golf, he thought that golf would make him look better in front of Sunny.

Although he was strong, his fears did not let him demonstrate this ability. The second test, you take it after the final exams and its test you in five different subjects you took it in the high school mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and the English language.

Also, he did not want to live a double life anymore and so he took his own life. The date was 6th JuneI was eighteen years old with absolutely no knowledge about what will happen in the near future.

On the contrary, it was Zachary who helped Sunny become a better person at the end.Life After High School Many people who live a lie will end up in the wrong path - Life After High School introduction.

This statement is clearly depicted by Zachary in the story “Life After High School”, by Joyce Carol Oates. In the story, not only was he not able to get what he wanted.

Free Essay: Life After High School I’ve just entered my senior year of high school. I know that this is a very important year. I have a lot of decisions to. I remember that towards the end of my senior year in high school, my parents suggested that I apply to a four-year college.

They also offered to pay for the cost of going to college as long as I would go full-time and would start right after high school. Life after high school by Deepak Dangal Life after high school is different than the life in high school because it is going to be a lot of responsibilities people have to take care of and it is the biggest part of life to decide what to do in a future.

Life after High School essays In the short story "Life after High School" by Joyce Carol Oates, Zachary, one of the main characters, struggles with his love for Barbara Burhman. This struggle ultimately leads to his death. Throughout the story the three characters, Barbara, Zachary, and To.

Life after high school Essay - Life After High School I’ve just entered my senior year of high school. I know that this is a very important year.

Life after high school short essay
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