Impact of policies on health and social care setting

The following criteria help achieve compliance: Requirements of this assignment The assignment consists of 3 tasks. Social care provisions are also changing with increasing demand for services and allowing more people to live at home for longer [ 20 ].

Apart from the concern about privatization of the NHS by the new legislation there are issues about the role of Monitors. The major negative consequences could be that the roles and responsibilities of care workers could be explained in proper way. An explanation about how the health and safety policies and practices are monitored and reviewed at your organisation.

The major dilemma could be related to communicate all the plans and procedures within the organization at various hierarchical levels. This will lead to a better use of staff resources.

Unit 3 Health and Safety in Health and Social Care Workplace Assignmen

It is to acknowledge that there are various that can contribute in minimizing the risks by identifying them and creating proper strategies for the same.

In addition, the NNS is able to deal with urgent requests such as tube blockages and displacements and provide training for nursing staff and carers to support these patients at home [ 34 ].

The training is one of the major sections of ensuring the patients security.

Unit 3 Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Assignment

This would involve manpower and training implications in terms of training of NNS on how to care for vulnerable adults and for social workers on how to recognize and to report enteral feeding complications [ 1 ]. There is huge requirement of ensuring the fact that with the help of health and safety also the companies can definitely fulfill their responsibilities and duties.

In addition, enteral nutrition practitioners in the community can now effectively provide training for staff in the hospital and ensure better discharge arrangement for patients where there is no NNS in hospital settings and vice versa; changing location e.

These policies are effective in implementing inhome care and social care services because these ensure thequality improvement in the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust.

The reputation of the firm could also be spoiled at very large scale if the legislation practices are not so appropriate.

The Impact of Changes in Health and Social Care on Enteral Feeding in the Community

Transforming Community Services Evidence for Change. The nursing staff as well as the helping team also faced lots of negative implications. The risk assessment help in making the familiarity with possible risks available into the health and social care settings and most importantly its reflections could be experienced upon decision making process as well.

The contribution and expectation of each level should be clearly articulated in the policy of the organization. Clear and relevant analysis of how information from your risk assessment can inform the planning for the care of individuals and how an organisation might undertake organisational policies decision making supported by innovative examples should be apparent in your work 2.

Pivotal to success is the need for close links with referring acute units, in particular the NNS where presentdietetic and SLT departments. Collaboration and cooperation are essential parts of the roles of nurses and other healthcare professionals in order to achieve a common goal [ 1213 ].

A model of the HEN service with partnership links with external bodies is shown in Figure 2. The biggest challenge before this committee is ensring that both the organization and the employees derive maximum benifir from the policies and procedures.

This is done by enhancing security while implementing the principles of good practice and security. By acknowledging the quality related to health and social care needs to be a broader perspective.

Conclusion There have been significant changes in health and social care provisions in the UK with and overarching impact on enteral feeding in the community. The major contribution is that the areas of concern and possible risks could be assessed in painstaking manner and huge level of security measures could comes into existence.

It is the responsibility of the organization to monitor and evaluate health and safety policies and the way they are implemented. By effectively monitoring and reviewing best practices, we can help create a safe and healthy environment with regard to health and safety practices in our organization.

In addition, the choices people make today including smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, poor diet and lack of physical activities are risk factors for a range of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes [ 3 ].Sep 17,  · Department of Health and Social Care, Health and Social Care Information Centre and Ofsted Related policy areas: Public health, National Health Service and Welfare.

Locus Assignment Help is leading education consultant in UK, this Unit 3 Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Assignment is part of HSC course. The purpose of healthcare policy and procedures is to provide standardization in daily operational activities.

Through our many years working with policies and procedures it has become clear to us that they are essential in providing clarity when dealing with issues and activities that are critical to health and safety, legal liabilities and regulatory.

Social care

Here also have a discussion on dilemmas in implementing system and policies and analysis of impact of aspect of safety policies in the perspective of Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust scenario that was taken place in between to that enriches the practice quality of health and social care organization and their customers get proper.

(AC) Explain how local policies and procedures can be developed in accordance with national policy requirements. Working in the health care setting you will come across different policies and procedure that governor the health and social care setting looking at safeguarding and health and safety.

Home \ Policies and Procedures for Health & Social Care CQC compliance for new and established care services Comprehensive sets of care policies and procedures for Residential and Domiciliary Services which can be personalised to your business and purchased individually or as a complete set.

Impact of policies on health and social care setting
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