How wal mart is financially hurting the

Though the company has taken various steps to provide cheaper insurancethe result has simply been to give their workers plans that include less care.

In another case, workers in Pennsylvania sued Walmart for forcing them to work through unpaid breaks, meal times, and other instances when they were supposed to be How wal mart is financially hurting the the clock. If Wal-Mart were truly interested in stimulating the economy, it would begin to adequately fund its health care plan and take care of its own Associates.

10 reasons Walmart is the worst company in America

Higher salaries, quality affordable healthcare and paying what they owe like any good American, are just three things Wal-Mart can do tomorrow that will make them a company worthy of our money.

In one instance, the company forced employees to buy new uniforms—when they could have just bought them new uniforms themselves. The retailer is advertising tax-rebate sales and has offered to cash the checks for free -- all in hopes that consumers will spend their newfound money at Wal-Mart stores.

Harvard Law cites a human rights study from which found that describes the conditions at one factory in Bangladesh: Dukes sought to change that, but unfortunately, the Supreme Court shot it down inmaking it harder for female employees at Walmart and everywhere else to break free from being underrepresented and underpaid.

And to add insult to injury, a Walmart store in Mexico has been investigated for hosting cock-fighting matches to entice customers to shop there. The payout had major financial repercussions for Walmart, with their stock dropping six cents a share after the decision came down.

As Jared Cram at Generation Progress points out: By failing to fairly compensate its employees, Wal-Mart cheats states out of income tax revenues. When Wal-Mart dodges its tax burden, it takes precious revenues away from cities and states to pay for roads, schools and other services.

This is why criticism of Walmart has become about as common the store itself; the Wikipedia page on this very subject is not what you would call light reading.

The conditions in the facilities where these products are made are incredibly unsafe. It occupies a unique position in our world by virtue of its size, reach and responsibility for the livelihoods of millions of workers and the needs of billions of consumers.

While the company claims to be changing many of these policies, there is ample documentation which suggests otherwise.

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For the time being, Wal-Mart has rejected those responsibilities and because of that choice, the money spent there does nothing of what it could to strengthen our economy.

The corporation has been accused of paying off officials in foreign companies in order to keep many of the details silent, but various stories paint a gruesome picture. Inthe company cut insurance benefits to its part-time employees. Walmart has also used taxpayer subsidies to provide these benefits, without ever addressing the most important question, which is whether or not the company even pays its employees enough for them to afford health care at all.

Beginning inthe case of Wal-Mart vs.

Why Wal-Mart Does Not Strengthen Our Economy

Wal-Mart underfunds its health care plan and cuts corners whenever possible, forcing many of its employees to postpone care, thus decreasing their productivity and increasing the eventual cost of their treatment. Wal-Mart actively works to challenge property tax assessments and creates complex real estate arrangements to obscure how much taxes the company owes.

And a class-action lawsuit from alleged that one woman worked seven days a week, from 7: A fire in one factory which made garments for Walmart killed people, while another in killed He is a contributor at HeaveMedia.

And with such overwhelming influence comes certain moral responsibilities. Meanwhile, the company has embraced unions in its Chinese stores and has negotiated with them to raise Chinese salaries. The company is the epitome of greed. Reports show that Walmart is among the worst companies when it comes to ensuring that the animal products its stores sell came from livestock that was well-treated."It's a select group [of towns] we thought were feasible sites for Wal-Mart, but didn't get a Wal-Mart." In the 15 years following the Wal-Mart opening, the general merchandise (GM) category sector in host towns showed a sharp increase in sales, while the control towns saw a slight decrease in GM sales.

May 15,  · The company mentioned "weather" 18 times in its earnings conference call, explaining that "unseasonably cold and disruptive weather" hurt U.S. sales and drove up operating expenses. Related: Blaming poor performance on weather? Nice try.

Wal-Mart is hurting for shoppers

Wal-Mart estimated the weather issues accounted for about $ million of headwinds. But, the reality is that with its poor wages and benefits, massive China sourcing and tax avoidance, Wal-Mart makes its workers and the communities where it operates poorer.

As our nation's largest employer and most financially-successful company, Wal-Mart is a singular American institution. Many people hate Wal-Mart for the reasons you note, but others love Wal-Mart for the reasons you note.

Yes, they can put other companies out of business, but it's debatable whether that is mainly because of Wal-Mart's business practices or the fact that the other companies are inefficiently or poorly run.

Over the past decade Wal-Mart has spent an average of $ billion a year on stock buybacks, an amount roughly equivalent to the estimated $ billion the company's. Since Wal-Mart provides Americans with products from third world countries, the company is financially hurting America.

By importing and exporting products made in foreign countries, Wal-Mart claims to be able to give consumers low prices.

How wal mart is financially hurting the
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