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These resulted in land alienation and indebtedness which led to the formation of nationalist parties to represent their interests. Furthermore, anti-Indian riots broke out inwhich spread throughout the country.

This case study is important because it clearly shows us how religion served as a stepping stone toward the formation of nationalist groups with the avowed, explicit aim of independence.

The economic hardship drove the rise of nationalistic feeling amongst the peasants and pongyis as they blamed the colonial master for their suffering and predicament.

Nationalist movements were aided through the freeing of their leaders from imprisonment, allowing them to gather support, furthermore granting them administrative experience. Many people disregard the conclusion as it may seem unimportant considering time and as compared to the synthesis.

What I usually write in my conclusion is my stand, followed by a summed up synthesis to qualify my stand. Yet the use of force could not be avoided and was manifested through various ways in the region, showing its pervasiveness, but not to the extent of being the only path towards independence.

They managed to garner so much support that the British were forced to back down on the issue and give the Burmese religious authorities the right to decide what proper decorum within temples was. As a result where anti-communist nationalists like Sukarno arose, the USA gave its support which accelerated the decolonization process.

This shows that Thai identity in this period before and during WWIIlike in Burma, was not only determined by what Thais were, but were reinforced by opposition against a minority that was exploited by nationalists for their own causes.

This case study shows that the Dutch economic policies gave local SE Asians a compelling reason to congregate with such unity and in such large numbers. More specifically, whether the Cold War helped or hindered decolonization depended on whether nationalist interests coincided with the Cold War interests of the superpowers and their respective colonial masters.

Nuance Yet it should be noted that the democracies established were not always full liberal democracies as espoused by the Western powers. See how the concise paragraph is not only relevant, but also time-saving as well? When rallied, many such groups either evolved into political groups devoted to nationalist aims, or became a source of power exploited by nationalist groups themselves.

Furthermore, given the repressive policies of the French against nationalists, the contribution of Japan is important because they helped nurture the development of nationalism immensely by providing Vietnamese nationalism a safe haven while in their infant stages.

It saw the pongyis heading a mass movement of peasant in retaliation against the colonial powers for their unfair treatment. This case study shows that although religion was an important factor in promoting nationalism, education also played an equally large role in its development as well.

Lee felt that a strong government was needed to craft out viable economic, defence and foreign policies, this therefore requiring PAP domination to prevent political disagreements and infighting.

This shows that the Japanese Occupation had the impact of empowering nationalists, something never seen under colonial rule, thus preparing them for eventual independence. This case study is significant because it clearly shows the connection between the provision of education in causing the rise of a new elite capable of rivaling a colonial-like power, as well as providing them with the impetus and the courage to forge ahead to provide an alternative form of government that is more inclusive and broad-based.The Guide to Writing “A” Level Essays Hey there JC student!

If you are reading this, you must be in the midst of prepping for some internal exam held by your school or wondering what it takes to do history at the ‘A’ Levels. South East Asia Model Essay NATIONALISM. Question: a society of Buddhist intellectuals dedicated to Buddhist education and Burman history, successfully rallied many Burmese to protest against what they perceived to be disrespect against the religious beliefs of the Burmese.

Posted in: Model Essays, Revision Notes, SEA. correctly or created by teachers to make sure students do not make the mistake of choosing them. Here are some examples of questions that can be crossed out: 1. Access the view that unequal treatment towards minorities undermined Asian Financial Crisis Model Essays/ H2 History uploaded by.

Loo Yongquan. Peacekeeping Model Essays/ H2.

The Guide to Writing “A” Level Essays

Humanities Hub is Singapore's pioneer tuition centre specialising in Humanities subjects like Economics, General Paper, History, Geography and Social Studies. The H2 History syllabus comprises two papers, each with three prescribed themes, which encourage students to examine key developments in the political, economic and social history of the second half of the.

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H2 history model essays for students
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