Gattaca genetic engineering

Even when this is complete it is only possible to tell a limited amount about the person. The question will never die, and will most likely be debated for centuries. Since this point scientists have been working to discover which traits each of the tens of thousands of individual genes possess.

Produced by Danny DeVito. We would have generation after generation of individuals who do not appreciate the glory of life: There would be no individualism, none of that crazy diversity that makes life fun and unique.

Social Consequences in the Future: The only thing that mattered was his DNA sequence, just another way society would discriminate.

There would be no genetic defects, no diseases, no illness for people to deal with. Works Cited Collins, V. It portrays the advantages and disadvantages of genetics in an exciting way. As employees enter Gattaca each day their thumbs are pricked for a blood sample to ensure that their DNA has not mutated, and to check they Gattaca genetic engineering still as healthy as when they were hired.

Eventually people may have no faith in their own ability with the belief Gattaca genetic engineering their fate predetermines genetics; this is demonstrated by several characters in GATTACA.

At birth a blood sample was taken to analyze his DNA, and it revealed that he had: The famous saying goes "everything happens for Gattaca genetic engineering reason". Many traits can be identified in organism just after they are conceived, so ideally in the future the negative ones could be eliminated before the child is born; this process is known as genetic screening.

At the current rate at which genetic engineering is advancing it could be possible that humanity changes more in a couple of decades than it did in the last millennium. As the science behind identifying DNA advances, less important genetic characteristics such as prejudicial physical and behavioral traits may also be predetermined or eliminated - for example shyness, alcoholism, or obesity.

The advances in this technology have allowed a wide variety of animals to be cloned, such as Dolly the Sheep in Genetic engineering leaves out those with disabilities, who are unique and essential to society.

Is genetic engineering right? Animals have even been cloned from single cells, since only one complete strand of DNA is needed to produce the organism. Background Information about Genetic Engineering: History shows that when humans play God it never ends well.

Screenplay written by Andrew Niccol. Those that are genetically superior may be given the best jobs, the highest salaries, and the greatest chance to succeed in life.

Too many people would leave their lives to the realm of possibility, instead of taking their lives into their own hands, and carving their own destinies. Where Should We Draw the Line? The main setbacks for this is the slow speed at which it takes to analyze DNA, and the time it would take to create an advanced database of the DNA of every human in the society.

There are also many disadvantages to genetic engineering. It is, however, very possible that determining future prejudicial diseases will be viable in the near future.

The society in Gattaca never let him attempt his dreams, although he shows that he is mentally capable of achieving them.

Directed by Andrew Niccol. The identification technology of DNA will also be highly probable in the near future.

Similar projects are already taking place in Estonia and other small European countries whose inhabitants have somewhat limited genetic diversity, but to map the genetic sequence of a large and diverse group of people, such as in the United States, would take several years.

This technology would take many years to develop, as the genetic sequence of every human would first have to be mapped then recorded in an enormous database.

The alteration of genetic material is done by identifying the bad gene or sequence of DNA, removing it from the DNA strand, and then replacing it with a preferable gene. In a society where genetic manipulation is encouraged there are three major societal problems: But again, this should come with time as research on human DNA continues.

Each company would have "the best of the best" working for them. These traits can include physical, behavioral, and disease-controlling characteristics, including skin color, baldness, shyness, alcoholism, heart-disease, and deafness.

In my opinion, there are only specific instances where I would ever even consider genetic engineering. Additionally, it is unlikely that in the near future DNA identification technology will be able to say who the person actually is, and not just give a projected physical description.

However smaller-scale projects to map the DNA of select groups of people with similar genetic information have already taken place. Testing for Disease at Birth At the beginning of the film GATTACA, the protagonist Vincent Freedman narrates his history to the audience, and explains that his society has been affected by advances in genetic engineering.Gattaca is a science fiction film produced in the US that depicts a future society that uses reproductive technology and genetic engineering in order to produce genetically enhanced human beings.

By selectively choosing certain genes, scientists and physicians ensure that individuals born using. Apr 20,  · Gattaca is an intriguing science fiction movie about genetic engineering.

It portrays the advantages and disadvantages of genetics in an exciting way.

Ethical Issues Surrounding Genetic Screening and Genetic Engineering Words | 8 Pages. Ethical Issues Surrounding Genetic Screening and Genetic Engineering In today’s modern age science is moving at a rapid pace; one of those scientific fields that has taken the largest leaps is that of genetics.

Genetic engineering is the main focal point in GATTACA, and today this field of bioengineering is one of the fastest growing areas in science. Genetic engineering is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary () as the “scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism.

The Debate for Genetic Engineering Exposed in Gattaca Essay Words 3 Pages Gattaca brought about some interesting points on human evolution and human ingenuity. Are We Too Close to Making Gattaca a Reality?

Advances in PGD, together with cloning and genetic engineering, are tending towards a new era of eugenics. Unlike the state-sponsored eugenics of.

Gattaca genetic engineering
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