Fahrenheit 451 part 1

Montag is ignorant of the past of which Clarisse speaks and accuses her of thinking too much. At the firehouse, the Hound preys on his peace of mind. Note, as well, the dual image of fire in its destructive and purifying functions.

You discover almost immediately when Montag meets Clarisse McClellan that he is not happy. Before you begin the novel, note the significance of the title, degrees Fahrenheit, "the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns. Each night before she goes to bed, Mildred places small, Seashell Radios into her ears, and the music whisks her away from the dreariness of her everyday reality.

Six of her friends have been shot in the last year. To entertain themselves, the firemen sometimes program the hound and let rats loose in the firehouse and watch the hunt.

In all fairness, however, Montag feels sick because he burned the woman alive the night before. Montag, meanwhile, feels that Beatty can sense his guilt. In a few short days, this man is transformed from a narrow-minded and prejudiced conformist into a dynamic individual committed to social change and to a life of saving books rather than destroying them.

The second incident, which occurs later the same evening, is when Millie tells Montag that the McClellans have moved away because Clarisse died in an automobile accident — she was "run over by a car.

Montag thinks about something he has hidden behind the ventilator grille at home. When books and new ideas are available to people, conflict and unhappiness occur. She makes Montag think of things that he has never thought of before, and she forces him to consider ideas that he has never contemplated.

Moreover, Montag seems to find something in Clarisse that is a long-repressed part of himself: Montag fears that the dog can sense his growing unhappiness.

He cannot help feeling somehow attracted to her: The job of the fireman is the opposite of what we expect—firemen set fires. He tells Montag that because each person is angered by at least some kind of literature, the simplest solution is to get rid of all books.

Active Themes After Clarisse leaves, Montag opens his mouth to taste the raindrops while he walks to work. Shaken, Montag escapes to the second floor.

Active Themes Beatty says the word "intellectual" became a swear word. The Mechanical Hound is best described as a device of terror, a machine that is perversely similar to a trained killer dog but has been improved by refined technology, which allows it to inexorably track down and capture criminals by stunning them with a tranquilizer.

She reminds him in different ways of candlelight, a clock, and a mirror.

Montag is upset and insists that he is in love. Yet the Mechanical Hound threatens Montag. Clarisse gives Montag enlightenment; she questions him not only about his own personal happiness but also about his occupation and about the fact that he knows little truth about history.

The television family that never says or does anything significant, the high-speed abandon with which she drives their car, and even the overdose of sleeping pills are all indicators for Montag that their life together is meaningless. At night, the McClellan house is lit up brightly, contrasting sharply with the darkness and silence of the other houses.

Neither of them can remember. Active Themes Another factor in the dumbing down of culture, according to Beatty, were the demands made by every imaginable minority group geographical, ethnic, occupational, religious, and so on.

Fahrenheit 451

Active Themes The next morning, Montag feels ill and vomits.A summary of The Hearth and the Salamander in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Fahrenheit and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Start studying Fahrenheit Part 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. () Notice how it takes a person to get Montag’s attention. People like this woman, Clarisse, Faber, and eventually Granger get him to notice the substance behind literature.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Fahrenheitwhich you can use to track the themes throughout the work. With his symbolic helmet numbered on his stolid head, and his eyes all orange flame with the thought of what came next, he flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a gorging fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black.

In the first part of Fahrenheitthe character Guy Montag, a thirty-year-old fireman in the twenty-fourth century (remember that the novel was .

Fahrenheit 451 part 1
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