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Throughout, Salzman conveys stories of hope, redemption, but also tragedy, as the book becomes a searing, devastating critique of the American justice system and its treatment of youth offenders. I started to wonder how many of the boys were like Nathan.

Well lemme tell you something. I never thought I had that talent till now and I believe you will help me develope it. So from there on, it was pretty easy for me to want to keep coming back. The way that they were raised by abusive or neglectful parents and inducted into gangs caused them to act like punks, for lack of a better word.

In the juvenile detention center things were no different. It was so immediately interesting. I believe that all the boys in the book won their case, went home, and became upstanding citizens.

I felt such deep satisfaction with our little triumphs. Then there is the matter of my dyslexia. Then I thought about Wu, and Javier, and Jackson when they were younger. Jimmy Wu and Kevin Jackson were going to keep doing drugs, and Nathan Hall was going to get himself killed sooner rather than later, worst of all Francisco Javier was probably going to spend the rest of his life in the penitentiary; he was the one I believed in the most.

By writing True Notebooks, Salzman depicts how remediation efforts through art and creativity can give even the most violent, troubled youths a chance for redemption. You wanna complain to somebody? I tend to take a rigid Richard Dawkinesk standpoint when it comes to religion.

And the work that came out of the class was dazzling in its sincerity.

Every time pencils were mentioned I made a mental note of who had them, and where they were. While the majority of people read words per minute, I read only The harsh reality was that the boys in the writing class were bound for an uncertain future just like everyone else.

True Notebooks Summary

I got nervous every time one of the boys got close to Salzman, for his safety wondering how he would write the book if he was stabbed to death by a pencil on his first day never occurred to me.True Notebooks introduces a gallery of colorful young felons locked up for murder, robbery and assault, some of whom are now serving life sentences.

They are a scheming, affectionate, curious and volatile bunch with plenty of. True Notebooks: A Writer's Year at Juvenile Hall [Mark Salzman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In Mark Salzman, bestselling author Iron and Silk and Lying Awake, paid a reluctant visit to a /5(90).

I read the book True Notebooks by Mark Salzman. True Notebooks is about Mark Salzman who visited L.A.'s Juvenile Hall writing class. At the L.A. Juvenile Hall writing class, are teenage kids, many of them who were charged with murder/5(21).

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True Notebooks is the story of Mark Salzman's eye-opening tenure as a writing teacher to a group of teenage boys in a juvenile detention facility in Los Angeles. Many of Salzman's students have been charged with murder, and /5(90).

Essays on the book true notebooks
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