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The Philippines is expected to have 92 million populations in Macro Environment Elements Macro environment factors which are influence a firm such as political, technological, sociocultural, and economic.

Core values are highly persistent, secondary values are much more likely to change. Represent a quality market for good homes, clothes, furniture, appliances, personal computers and softwares, and vacation amenities.

Other technological breakthroughs included industrial and medical use of lasers, superconductor transmission of electricity, molecular computer switches, wireless communication products, biologically enhanced seeds, and genetically engineered proteins that fight disease.

These two factors are very influence for Starshot photography benefit and performance in this market competition. Two examples of these direct measurement surveys are: After the age group, the over 65 group would experience the second largest growth of all group segments 20 percent.

Culture Affect How People Behave and Buy Culture is a complex whole, learned and shared by members of a society, encompassing beliefs, values, language, religion, art, morals, law, education, customs, habits, and capabilities. Price is one of marketing strategy that competitors monitor.

Engel stated, as family spendable income increases that is, as more discretionary income is availablethe percentage: In this world more Essays on marketing environment technology and more and more competitors are developing their products, so Starshots need increasing their performance such as develop their photoshoot and understand environment trend.

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Marketers must interact with customers and customize products and services in accordance with the needs of customers today. A firm which supplies a product may affect the strength of competitors.

The company needs to understand types of customer and what are customer needs and wants. Starshots photography studio have offering such as individual session, family session, corporate session, pregnancy session, couple session for customer needs and want, and they also have promotions for photo session.

The Swiss watch industry held a dominant share of the world market for mechanical movements, but failed to appreciate the significance of the threat from electronic watches; the industry was almost wiped out, and through it managed to survive and adopt, it has never recovered its previous position.

Monopolistic competition consists few or many, firms offer products that, at least, are perceived as different by customer. Nike has a demographic of men, women, and children. In Starshots, marketing decisions are powerfully affected to develop in the political environment.

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The mediating effects of team commitment and durability are between managerial faith and team performance. Marketers must develop technologies and consider to macro environmental factors and micro environmental factors.

In external environment, that cannot be directly controlled such as Opportunities and threats Kotler et al Manufacturing is responsible for producing the desired quality and quantity of products. The important data such as market shares, product movement, sales volume and outflow can be useful for this competition Pride at al Nike has been around for around four decades and has changed its style every decade but never their target market.

To attract more customers, Starshot photography should promote to environment about their services such as paparazzi and celebrity photography service, graphic art design, web design by ocean effect and private detective services.

The way minority groups and females are depicted on television or in newspaper articles could lead to broader inferences about value changes in the entire culture. Marketers need a come close to understand how customer identify shopping environments Catherine Demangeot and Amanda Broderick Marketing manager must be able to overcome the problems and factors within environment.

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So that, Starshots must follow government rules and apply them in business Philip Kotler Researchers might observe people responses to Real Estate Housing Models at trade shows. Starshot have a chance to improve their products and services, but also have threat such as their competitor in the market place.

Researchers make inferences about changing social and cultural values based on the content of verbal and pictorial communications. Pure competition means that many sellers are offering similar products to many buyers, each with fast, full knowledge of market transactions.

Those factors influence consumer to choose which photography studio that satisfy their needs and wants. A small firm can develop strategies that give them better charge of revisit than big firm has Gary Armstrong Whereas if this were to change and Adidas becomes the top of the chain it would make a huge disadvantage change to Nike organisation as a whole.Ryanair's Marketing Environment and Strategy Essays Ryanair’s Marketing Environment and Strategy 1 INTRODUTION The aim of this report is to carry out a investigation of Ryanair’s external environment and a strategic analysis of Ryanair, to identify opportunities and threats it might face, and its strategic capability, to isolate key.

The purpose of writing this report is to understand about market analysis and marketing environment. Market environment is a marketing term, which refers to the factors and forces that affect a firm’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with the customers. The Marketing Environment consists of a complex set of interacting forces and influences outside the marketing department of an organization.

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The Marketing Environment affects the organization’s ability to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with its target customers. The environmental variables affecting a company are of two kinds, controllable and uncontrollable.

The marketing mix is controlled by the marketing manager. There are some variables, however, that are uncontrollable and managers have to take them as givens.

These include the: economic, cultural /5(5). The factors and forces within the marketing environment can be classified as belonging to the internal environment, the micro-environment, and the macro-environment.

The internal environment refers to the organization itself and the factors that are directly controllable by the organization.

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