Discuss and evaluate the formation of

Religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, and the involvement of leaders in the domains of other leaders under religious reasons was the primary problem dealt with in the Peace of Westphalia. Offering a description might also do this depending on which features are mentionedbut often a description simply will help a third party to recognize or identify the thing.

Steele claims that the stereotypes" of prejudice is the cause of spotlight anxiety, an emotional stress that inhibits a stereotype-targeted individual"s performance.

Connection of study to question: The construction of a truth-table requires drawing a table of rows and columns, with a separate column for each simple statement made in the argument, as well as for each premise and the conclusion. Explain the formation of stereotypes and their effect on behaviour.

One way to avoid this information overload is through social categorisation. See Describeabove. An important number of African states were transformed into instruments of colonial rule, especially by the British. Cognitive bias may be relevant to stereotypes After illusory correlations are formed, people actively seek to confirm and support their beliefs by looking for evidence in a "biased" way, which is known as confirmation bias.

In this course, you will be asked to make use of completed truth-tables for determining validity, and to make use of the method of counter-example to determine invalidity.

Grain of truth hypothesis Supporting Researcher 2: He concluded that while population pressure and warfare were mechanisms of state formation, they only created states in geographic regions circumscribed, or walled off from the surrounding area. Starting in the s and s, with decolonization processes underway, attention began to focus on the formation and construction of modern states with significant bureaucracies, ability to tax, and territorial sovereignty around the world.

A discussion involves examining the various reasons for and against some claim, or else a multi-faceted exploration of some topic. Class antagonism and the need to secure the private property of those living on the surplus production produced by agriculturalists resulted in the creation of the state.

Charles Tilly developed an argument that the state developed largely as a result of "state-makers" who sought to increase the taxes they could gain from the people under their control so they could continue fighting wars. Gender, race, political stance, and personality contribute to the stereotypes we place on others, but they are generally based on race and gender.

Researchers concluded that the questions asked confirmed participants" stereotypes of each personality type. For example, white people can"t dance; black people are stupid and uncivilized; Jewish people are greedy; women are organized, etc.

Addressed students who were affected by "emotional distress" and pressure that may undermine their school performance Findings: These states developed by strictly internal processes and interaction with other non-states societies.

State formation

Stereotypes are similar to schemas Stereotypes are now also argued to be a schema process that conditions those who hold the stereotype and also those labelled after the stereotype, as they are organized internal representations of individuals and or groups, therefore guiding how people act towards them.

This is limited in this course to diagramming extended arguments. However, this theory has been criticized, since errors in attribution are common. This involves describing two or more things objects, practices, ideas, etc. Some properties are more important than others, which is determined by the context.

Thus, Africa provides the largest number of examples both of recent indigenous states and of contemporary states formed out of colonial territories. Wright argues that competitive and conflictual environments produce political experimentation leading to the development of the state.State formation is the process of the development of a centralized government structure in a situation where one did not exist prior to its development.

State formation has been a study of many disciplines of the social sciences for a number of years. (Gender Role Formation) II. Evaluate psychological research (that is, theories and/or studies) relevant to developmental psychology (Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development) Discuss how social and environmental variables may affect cognitive development.

IB Psychology notes on The sociocultural level of analysis: Sociocultural cognition - Explain the formation of stereotypes and their effect on behaviour. The learning guides to this course list various learning objectives or competencies with each module, and these are described in terms of some verb: identify, describe, distinguish, diagram, define, use, construct, explain, evaluate, compare, discuss (I think that's all of them).

Discuss and evaluate how teams function.

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You can view samples of our professional work here. Outline and evaluate two or more theories of the formation of romantic relationships (8+16 marks) AO1 – Reward/need satisfaction model One theory of the formation of romantic relationships is the reward/need satisfaction model, based on the concept of social conditioning.

Discuss and evaluate the formation of
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