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In addition to our original content, we have a Teen Board comprised of 50 teens living nationwide who contribute to the site. Content is updated twice a month. Consumer Protection March The FTC takes in reports from consumers about problems they experience in the marketplace. The Sentinel Data Book is based on unverified reports filed by consumers.

The Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book Sentinel Data Book has a vibrant new look, and a lot more information about what consumers told us last year. Law enforcement personnel may join Sentinel at Register.

The Core List of graphic novels and manga includes more than selections for children, teens, and adults. A full listing of data contributors is available in Appendix A3 and A4. Sentinel has a five-year data retention policy, with reports older than five years purged biannually.

Inthe FTC was pleased to welcome the data contributions of the U. Our blog includes reports on book festivals and conventions around the country, as well as thoughtful pieces about book memories and gift giving, which are penned by authors during select holidays throughout the year.

Founded July Kidsreads. The reports are stored in the Consumer Sentinel Network Sentinela secure online database available only to law enforcement. About the Sentinel Data Book. The data is not based on a consumer survey. Founded July Teenreads. See the PDF version for the complete set.

Founded February 20SomethingReads. Founded December GraphicNovelReporter. Between our newsletters, guest blog posts and other unique content that draws inspiration from all forms of entertainment, 20SomethingReads.

Your 20s is a state of mind, an age, an attitude and a lifestyle. Founded May ReadingGroupGuides. Non-government organizations that contribute reports do not have access to Sentinel reports, as access is limited to law enforcement agencies.

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Content is updated weekly on the site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. DuringSentinel received nearly 2.

While the FTC does not intervene in individual consumer disputes, its law enforcement partners — whether they are down the street, across the nation, or around the world — can use information in the database to spot trends, identify questionable business practices and targets, and enforce the law.

SinceSentinel has collected tens of millions of reports from consumers about fraud, identity theft, and other consumer protection topics. We also share author interviews, contests and series book updates.

For more information about the Consumer Sentinel Network, visit www. Content is updated weekly on the site, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and tumblr.

Content is updated's Fall Preview Contests and Feature Fall is known as the biggest season of the year for books. The titles that release during this latter part of the year often become holiday gifts, and many are blockbusters.

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If you do, then maybe you should consider joining a social network geared toward book lovers. It's the best way to talk about your favorite books and find new ones to read! 6 Great Book Social Networks A List of Social Networks Every Book Lover Should Check Out.

Share Pin Email Print Social Media. Social Networks Facebook. The Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book (Sentinel Data Book) has a vibrant new look, and a lot more information about what consumers told us last year.

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You'll know more about how much money people lost in the aggregate, the median amount they paid, and what frauds were most costly. I feel fortunate to have found AuthorsOnTheWeb to redesign my outdated website. Carol Fitzgerald and Jennifer Lai understand the needs of authors and the impact of their presence in social media.

As a children’s writer, I am thrilled how my new website captures the playful spirit of my books., the flagship site in The Book Report Network, offers readers informed book reviews in a variety of genres, interviews with authors ranging from bestsellers to debut writers, polls, contests and mint-body.comes include Bookreporter Bets On, New in Paperback, Books On Screen, as well as our popular Word of Mouth and Sounding Off.

This month's prize book is the paperback edition of Karen Cleveland's debut thriller, NEED TO KNOW, in which a high-powered CIA analyst makes a shocking discovery about her husband that leads her to question everything she New York Times bestseller was a Bets On pick when it released in hardcover earlier .

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