An analysis of the pakistani management

On some extent, the HEC has succeeded in towards it purpose, but after the 18th amendment, HEC was dissolved and to be made the education a provincial subject.

Remedies Good governance is a first pre-requisite factor to embark on the every essence of policy to build up society through key education. There are primary schools with teachers do exist in both the urban and rural areas of Pakistan.

In spite of, constitutional guarantee in the constitution in Pakistan, the government is openly violating the constitution. Further says that university enrollment will be brought to 1. It was also estimated to decrease the enrolment of middle school to 0. To increase education budget it means the government will have no constraint of financing but, instead of, government will be able to meet cope education matters according to its need.

The province needs to call on joint meeting of MoE to draft and agree upon one education policy as to bring all systems of education under strict check. Through administrative strictness it could be ensure that the writ of state is accessible, therefore no compromised can be tolerated in case of inefficiencies in regard to implementation.

Moreover, feudal system, extreme poverty, lack of good governance, no effectual procedure of poverty scholarships demoralized the already shabby society to reluctant on educating their children when above problems knock the door of poor families.

Male contribution is 6.

Consequently, the literacy rate have become less than the regional countries which got independence abreast of Pakistan.

But it is obligation of the board to form exam paper according to the course. Through such policy, an independent body of Higher Education Commission HEC was established to look after overall universities education through code of conduct and various allocations of budgeting the universities including foreign scholarships in various programs.

The third system responsible for aggravating education system of Pakistan is Madarsah school system. There are 8 per cent of Pakistanis are graduates.

According to the Education Reportit shows overall figures on education, literacy rate rose to 67 pr cent in than it was 57 per cent at the period of Basically, technical education play vital role to decrease the rate of unemployment on immediate basis. Thereupon, repercussion of each government is Pakistan have marred the structure of education since Therefore poor become more poor and rich become more richer.

Sine the birth of newly independent state Pakistan, education lagged behind due to deliberate negligence of parochial feudal and state politician in particularly and bureaucracy in generally.

Thus, ignoring the primary education, the level of illiteracy further increased. It too has deteriorated the education. Hence it is necessary to re-shape administrative machinery as to rightly deliver the founding education to its people.

It is time that the current Government of Pakistan must tackle education problem because illiteracy is even threat to democracy. To remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within minimum possible period. To improve the quality of higher education, primary education has been ignored since the independence of Pakistan.

Pakistan experiences a country of religious intolerance and much more multi-crisis land. Despite, such huge numbers of middle schools and teachers have not improved the quality of education.

Comparatively, private leaner lag behind public learner in competitive exams and avail of high official jobs. Although article of 38 d in Constitution of Pakistan guarantees of free education is a right of every citizen and respected government is bound to take measures to provide basic education to intermediate.

From the emergence of Pakistan there has been centered censure by conscious group of common people and civil society, finally both influence over the government to think over seriously on their discussing point In the dilemma of authoritarian long regime and fragile civil government, education has been neglected because elite group from ruling class whether in military or so called civil representative, did not seriously boost the level of education through sound education policies.Analysis of Knowledge Management in the Public Sector of Pakistan.

Knowledge management is a growing concept in Pakistan. Especially information about the antecedents and effects of knowledge. Corporate Governance and Performance: An Analysis of Pakistani Listed Firms Corporate Governance and Performance: An Analysis of Pakistani Listed Firms lob al Journal of Management and Business Research Volume XI Issue Version I Analysis of Management Information System in Blood Transfusion Services, Pakistan Usman Waheed 1*, Hynek Kruzik2, Ralf Knels 3 and Hasan Abbas Zaheer 1 1Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Ministry of National Health Services, Government of Pakistan, Pakistan 2Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Ministry of National Health Services, Government of Pakistan.

Management Styles Management is a far-running subject and there are many definitions of management. From my point of view, management is described as a process to get something done in the business environment.

Jul 11,  · A critical analysis of education system in Pakistan Education is a systematic process of establishing the pillar of society.

It brings up an empty mind with discourse tongue of awareness. Laurea University of Applied Sciences Abstract Laurea Leppävaara Bachelor Degree Programme in Business Management Sohail, Aamar Risk Analysis of the Pakistani Textile Industry: a macro analysis.

An analysis of the pakistani management
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