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Thousands of years after his death, he was still a role model for people like Napoleon Bonaparte. There is no basis for the tradition that he turned aside to visit Jerusalem. In September Alexander too set out along the coast through Gedrosia modern Baluchistanbut he was soon compelled by mountainous country to turn inland, thus failing in his project to establish food depots for the fleet.

What had so far held it all together was his own dynamic personality. Even Callistheneshistorian and nephew of Aristotlewhose ostentatious flattery had perhaps encouraged Alexander to see himself in the role of a god, refused to abase himself.

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Within six months of being king Alexander leads the Macedonia to regain control of Greece. Craterusa high-ranking officer, already had been Alexander the great reaction paper off with the baggage and siege train, the elephants, and the sick and wounded, together with three battalions of the phalanxby way of the Mulla Pass, Quettaand Kandahar into the Helmand Valley ; from there he was to march through Drangiana to rejoin the main army on the Amanis modern Minab River in Carmania.

If yes, what is that evidence? However, Phillip II did know the future for his son Alexander. The cities perforce complied, but often ironically: He founded two cities there, Alexandria Nicaea to celebrate his victory and Bucephala named after his horse Bucephaluswhich died there ; and Porus became his ally.

He had come to envisage a joint ruling people consisting of Macedonians and Persians, and this served to augment the misunderstanding that now arose between him and his people.

Instead of taking the direct route down the river to Babylonhe made across northern Mesopotamia toward the Tigrisand Darius, learning of this move from an advance force sent under Mazaeus to the Euphrates crossing, marched up the Tigris to oppose him. The only link between the many units that went to make up an empire more disparate than that of the Habsburgsand far larger, was his own person; and his death came before he could tackle this problem.

Does history possess facts, or merely legends, about him? Invasion of India In early summer Alexander left Bactria with a reinforced army under a reorganized command. Ten thousand veterans were now sent back to Macedonia with gifts, and the crisis was surmounted.

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He founded the city of Alexandria near the western arm of the Nile on a fine site between the sea and Lake Mareotis, protected by the island of Pharos, and had it laid out by the Rhodian architect Deinocrates.

This army was to prove remarkable for its balanced combination of arms. In addition, Persian nobles had been accepted into the royal cavalry bodyguard. Greek thought drew no very decided line of demarcation between god and man, for legend offered more than one example of men who, by their achievements, acquired divine status.

He murdered Cleitus, one of his most-trusted commanders, in a drunken quarrel, but his excessive display of remorse led the army to pass a decree convicting Cleitus posthumously of treason. His vision, determination, self confidence, war tactics, and leadership skills are what makes him Alexander the Great.

Two years later he commanded the left wing at the Battle of Chaeroneain which Philip defeated the allied Greek states, and displayed personal courage in breaking the Sacred Band of Thebes, an elite military corps composed of pairs of lovers.

On reaching Patala, located at the head of the Indus delta, he built a harbour and docks and explored both arms of the Indus, which probably then ran into the Rann of Kachchh. Crushing the mountain tribe of the Ouxians, he now pressed on over the Zagros range into Persia proper and, successfully turning the Pass of the Persian Gates, held by the satrap Ariobarzaneshe entered Persepolis and Pasargadae.

With a combination of these two things he lead them to victory over the Persian army at Granicus. As in Egypt, the local priesthood was encouraged. In the next two years, the Macedonians conducted a victorious march across the Middle East, almost without encountering serious resistance.

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The people welcomed him as their deliverer, and the Persian satrap Mazaces wisely surrendered. His conquest of Egypt had completed his control of the whole eastern Mediterranean coast.

The march was attended with much fighting and heavy, pitiless slaughter; at the storming of one town of the Malli near the Hydraotes Ravi River, Alexander received a severe wound which left him weakened.

His body, diverted to Egypt by Ptolemythe later king, was eventually placed in a golden coffin in Alexandria. His plans for racial fusion, on the other hand, were a failure.

That this proved a failure was partly due to weaknesses in the character of Harpalus, his chief treasurer. The New Jim Crow: He already defeated the most powerful army in the world, lead by Darius. Some parts of Caria held out, however, until That marked the end of the powerful empire he built.

In this battle, like many others, he lead his army from the front Smith. By the time he died, he had conquered over 2 million square miles.Search Results for 'reaction ng movie alexander the great in tagalog' Alexander The Great In The 21St Century Empire Building in the 21st Century: Leadership Lessons from Alexander the Great | We no longer live in the era of conquerors, and the story of Homer merely resonates Paper University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is the.

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Alexander the Great essays It is possible to proceed through life, doing only what society desires, nothing different, allowing it to shape and mold the lives within the society.

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Society is even capable of molding the lives which lead and direct the society. However, this is not how Alexander III, K.

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Soriano, Ahren Jay M. Strategic Management 4A-7 Reaction Paper Alexander the Great. Alexander III of Macedon, known as Alexander the Great (21 July BCE – 10 or 11 June BCE), was the son of King Philip II of Macedon.

He became.

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