A religious argument for the suicide being a selfish act

Third, it is difficult to reconcile this argument with the claim that God is all-loving. A lot of attention seeking is from neglect and maladaptive coping mechanisms not maliciousness. This is somewhat unfortunate: See Hayry for discussion. Conversely, under what conditions does an act of suicide exhibit such vices as cowardice, selfishness, or rashness?

However, many of the same issues and concerns that surround PAS and euthanasia also surround run-of-the mill suicide, and many writers who address the former often disregard the vast literature on the latter. She honestly believes her children will be better off without her.

The second general category of religious arguments rest on analogies concerning the relationship between God and humanity. They do not deserve a sick mother. To say that my mother was selfish is to do a great injustice to society. I felt crazy when i lost him and i would call his number hoping he would still answerhoping that somehow it wasnt true.

In a similar vein, Kantians might claim that suicidal choices must be respected if those choices are autonomous, that is, if an individual chooses to end her life on the basis of reasons that she acknowledges as relevant to her situation. Pabst Battin— This was a gift.

But saying that any death causes pain and sadness. Thus, if the three objections are invalid, it is essentially because they ignore the direction of time. Under the said section, a suicide bid could be punished with a prison term of up to one year.

After all, individuals often fail to contribute as much as they might in terms of their labor or special talents without incurring moral blame. At one point in processing my grief, I actually thought that I was the one who was selfish.

Suicide can also cause clear economic or material harm, as when the suicidal person leaves behind dependents unable to support themselves financially. Suicide represents, according to Sartre, an opportunity to stake out our understanding of our essence as individuals in a godless world.

However, even if suicide is harmful to family members or loved ones, this does not support an absolute prohibition on suicide, since some suicides will not leave survivors, and among those that do, the extent of these harms is likely to differ such that the stronger these relationships are, the more harmful suicide is and the more likely it is to be morally wrong.

Hence, the aged or others who have already made substantial contributions to societal welfare would be morally permitted to engage in suicide under this argument. It was the illness that took her life which affected her ability to rationalize. So there seems to be no time at which the evil of death might occur.

On this view, our relationship to our bodies is like that of our relationship to other items over which we enjoy property rights: Therefore, if death is an evil this is not because it involves a period of non-existence, but because it deprives us of life.

Several important historical answers to 1 have already been mentioned. JmpMster Have a question? Still, some of these reactions may be due to the strong stigma and shame associated with suicide, in which case these reactions cannot, without logical circularity, be invoked in arguments that suicide is wrong because it produces these psychological reactions Pabst Battin68— We can own a wristwatch only because it is distinct from us.It’s time we stop calling a mental disconnect a personality flaw.

Being selfish, in our society, is generally seen as a bad thing.

Is Suicide Selfish?

It’s selfish of those left behind to try to make light of the deceased’s situation. Suicide is not a selfish act. It’s not for attention. We Need To Stop Calling Suicide ‘Selfish. Suicide: Finding Hope is devoted to helping the suicide bereaved, those coping with a loss after a suicide, find hope in the wake of a stigmatized death that often encompasses mental illness.

A common argument against suicide is that it’s a selfish act, and that the victim unfairly omits the duties and obligations to his/her loved ones left behind. Yes, suicide is a very selfish act. Suicide ends the problems and troubles for the person committing it.

Suicide opens a ton of issues and problems for the loved ones left behind who have to live with many disturbing emotions.

Is suicide really a selfish act?

My argument for Suicide September 29th, by sunbird So,I could blather on here about my depression (2+ yrs) my empty,pathethic,useless life,and listen to people patronizing me and feeding me lines like “take a walk and be at one with nature” or “reach out and talk to someone” etc etc etc. Im not here to get into that bull.

May 18,  · Is suicide really a selfish act? Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by tbrant, May 14, but aren't they the ones being selfish?

They would rather have you live a life of misery so their consciences can be clean. And yes- suicide is a selfish act. I cannot think of anything more selfish. The entire concept of complete.

A religious argument for the suicide being a selfish act
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