10 reasons to plant more trees

Volunteer to Help The city of Detroit has been especially hard-hit with tree loss, stemming back to the days when Dutch elm disease ravaged whole city blocks.

In a rural setting, the trees may provide shelter for numerous wild animals, such as deer and raccoon. Locust trees, such as Honey Locust and Black Locust have some controversy around whether or not they are nitrogen fixers.

Most people agree that less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a good thing for the climate. Windbreak Some areas of the country endure the wind blowing all the time. Trees provide habitat for species of many kinds — including endangered species.

8 Reasons Why You Should Plant a Tree For Earth Day

Trees clean our water and air. Nitrogen fixing trees are fast growing pioneer trees, meaning they usually are the first trees to appear in a cleared area. Deciduous, broad-leaved trees especially have a unique form each season providing us with an ever-changing source of beauty.

10 Reasons to Plant a Tree–on Earth Day, or Any Day

How are you making the Earth a healthier place to live, work and play? Some animals love trees for the entertainment as well. We will write a custom essay sample on 10 Reasons to Plant More Trees or any similar topic only for you Order now Forests act as natural reservoirs, and they protect watersheds, providing clean water for cities, bays and rivers.

Some sources say that planting 20 trees a year can even make you carbon neutral. By holding soil in place with their root systems, by deflecting pounding rain with their canopies, and by adding nutrients each fall with their leaves, trees are crucial to keeping and improving our soil.

In the city, trees will invite birds into your yard. Trees are not just a key to the natural ecosystem — trees are an essential part of community life.

Trees can give sentimental memories, especially if we have grown up with them. Sheep and goats love eating the leaves off of trees, cattle enjoy some trees as well. This makes it easy to place them just about anywhere. Trees also have long taproots, which help bring up a lot of minerals for the foraging animal.

Trees provide clean water and natural flood control. This post contains affiliate links. We need rain, therefore we need trees! Livestock, large and small, appreciate shelter from the wind. Trees hold soil in place, reducing erosion around water courses and around your property as well.

Trees save tax payers. Here are ten excellent reasons you should plant a tree or two or many. Tree roots are excellent at holding the soil, providing an anchor for the soil around them.10 Reasons For Trees.

Trees are beautiful and majestic, but their benefits are often overlooked. Here are 10 reasons why you should have trees on your homestead.


10 Reasons For Trees

Oxygen Trees are great at sharing and often bring up more water than they need. Plants that are planted near the tree benefit from those long roots looking for water. Plant Trees, Keep Happy. So, trees as huge plants, take in tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide much of which gets stored in their body mass.

Most people agree that less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a good thing for the climate. We all need oxygen to stay alive. The study also found they would pay % more for goods sold in central business districts with high quality tree canopy, and would travel further to, visit more often, pay more for parking, and stay longer in a shopping district with plenty of trees.

As mundane as it may seem, the reason why we should plant more trees is because it is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference for the environment.

Dawn is the creator of Small Footprint Family, and the author of the critically acclaimed Sustainability Starts at Home. A few years ago we planted some pear trees that are starting to blossom more so I am hopeful for fruit (alas, our small apple trees were taken out by rabbits).

Ten Reasons to Plant a Tree. 1. A Natural Gardening Bodycare Giveaway «Art of Natural Living. The Squishy Monster Apr 1. 1. Trees save energy and money.

Just three trees strategically planted around your home can cut your air conditioning bill in half. 2. Trees save tax payers.

10 reasons to plant more trees
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